Canisius gives thanks

By Nathan Ress, Abigail Wojcik, and Ned Leslie

Features Editor and Features Contributors

Multiple organizations at Canisius College are working to make your calendar this holiday season fully-booked. There are a few Thanksgiving events both on the horizon and in retrospect, and your dedicated Features reporters have dug right in, reviewing and previewing the events below.

The Residence Hall Association held a Thanksgiving Sit Down Dinner in the Economou Dining Hall on November 17 to bring students together for great food. There was significant anticipation for this event, as shown by the long line of eager students ready to be the first let in.

After swiping in or paying a dollar in cash, students were seated and given drinks and salads to start their meals. Following was a buffet of classic delicious Thanksgiving food. They had turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, rice, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and more. And if you weren’t already full, available for dessert was divine pumpkin cheesecake with ice cream. It was truly an extravagant dinner.

While everyone was enjoying their food, someone would get on the microphone every 20 to 25 minutes to say a prayer of thanks. Each prayer spoken represented a different culture to include all religious backgrounds. The prayers made the evening more connected, peaceful, and like an authentic Thanksgiving with friends.

Residence Hall Association was also collecting canned goods to donate to Buffalo City Mission. This organization helps citizens of Buffalo in need of food, shelter, health-care, and education. The food collected will provide so many families with meals this Thanksgiving.

Campus Ministry paired with Inner Faith Service to set up a station outside the Dining Hall for students to write heartfelt messages on cut-out paper hearts. The goal is to make three bulletin displays of the hearts that will create a happier atmosphere around the school.

Sarah Signorino, a Campus Ministry director, said, “We hope this will be an ongoing thing.” Other offices at Canisius have agreed to carry extra paper hearts for even more encouraging messages that can be put up all over campus. The effect will hopefully be similar to the Post-It notes you may have seen around the tunnels and the first floor of Dugan.

The Afro-American Society is continuing their annual Thanksgiving tradition this Friday in Palisano from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m with a cost of two dollars a person. Joy McBride, President of Afro-American Society, told The Griffin that the night will consist of eating soul food that is indicative of a rich culture and an overall enjoyable atmosphere.

Picky eaters: fear not, as a copious variety of foods will be offered, ranging from vegetables such as green beans, mashed potatoes and yams to chicken and macaroni and cheese. Joy McBride said that “mac and cheese is very important.” Sunday dinners in the Black community always feature this delicious side. The dishes will be made by the e-board and club members. The menu is aimed to represent various cultures such as Spanish, Native American, and Chinese. These culinary delights will certainly not disappoint.

While there is no dress code, the event has gotten slightly fancier over the years. McBride said that this is the first year they will decorate the tables to make everything more uniform. She made it clear that the evening would be casual and fun, but will also have class and organization.

Not only will this event contain good food and good people, it will also feature a lecture from a former Canisius College professor, Dr. Porter. Usually, the guest speaker is an alum of the College, a former member of the society, or someone who represents African culture well. The Afro American Society speaks highly of their guest as well as their annual program. You are encouraged by both the Afro-American Society and the Griffin to attend.

Project Conservation will be holding their own Sustainable Thanksgiving this Saturday, 19 November from 7p.m. to 9p.m. in Palisano. The event will be free and open to all students and will feature an extensive menu.

The menu is vegan as well as vegetarian friendly and features a selection of seasonal drinks, sides, entrees, and desserts. Some options to be had include slow cooked apple cider, sweet potato crumble casserole, apple cherry wild rice pilaf, mashed potatoes, edamame pasta, pumpkin cannelloni, and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. This is only half of the available menu, with a great many other options to be served at the event.

Sholl and Baird are proud of the great selection of options available, and Sholl hopes that the options will show people how easy and tasty it is to eat vegan/vegetarian. She knows not everyone who attends will be vegan/vegetarian, but she hopes these people without dietary restrictions will still attend and enjoy themselves, loving the food for its flavor regardless of what it is made of.

This is the club’s first time putting forth a late fall event, especially a Thanksgiving event, and club Vice President Courtney Baird as well as Secretary Megan Sholl both expressed excitement regarding the kickoff. “We’re hoping to make this a main staple for fall,” said Baird. She wants the event to help students carry Project Conservation excitement over from the fall semester to the spring semester when more events will be held. Eventually, the club would like to make the event an annual happening.

The club is hoping to get at least 100 people in attendance, but challenges the student body to surpass these expectations. “Give it a chance,” said Sholl, once more citing the selection and quality of food to be offered.

Going beyond the Thanksgiving season, the club will be giving away and allowing students to decorate recycle bins at the event. Furthermore, there will be “leaves of thankfulness” on which students will be able to write things they are thankful for and which will then be distributed and displayed.

“We’re hoping to make something that lasts,” said Baird. She and Sholl are both seniors and hope this event will both create excitement in something of a dry season for the club, as well as create a lasting event for students.

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