Step Out Buffalo – 11/11

By Lauren Spoth

Step Out Buffalo

  • Take a fall drive – Did you know that Western New York is consistently rated one of the best places in the United States to view the changing autumn leaves? Well, it is. Now that you’re woke, take advantage of the fact that you live here with a fall drive to some of the best leaf-peeping spots in the country. Spoiler alert: the journeys are absolutely gorgeous and the destinations are even better. Just make sure you go on that adventure soon before we’re buried in 6 feet of snow. Read more on 6 Beautiful Fall Drives From Buffalo at
  • Ditch your crappy ramen for actual good ramen – As with most things in life, ramen can be summed up in three words: It. Gets. Better. We’ve all had those days/weeks/months/years where we lived off crap $1 ramen packets…but this is literally nothing like that. Beloved food truck Lomo Lomo has partnered with Resurgence Brewery for a seasonal ramen pop-up shop and it’s everything we’ve ever dreamed of and then some. Like, as in they have options like Green Curry Duck ramen and Szechuan Pork ramen. Go taste why Everybody Loves Ramen. Read more on Lomo Lomo’s Ramen Pop-Up at
  • ~Get crafty~ – The holidays are about to hit us like a big yellow school bus, so let’s make a pact to actually prepare for them this year. Avoid the mall (for so, so many reasons) and give your loved ones something cool with sentimental value that they won’t return two days later. There are tons – and we mean TONS –  of fun DIY classes happening now through January including everything from glass etching to wood burning to throw pillow crafting to weaving to wreath-making to painting portraits of your pets. The lesson here: be the gift-giver you want to see in the world. Read more on the craft classes happening this month at
  • Have your pie and eat it too – Ok so we’re over being healthy. It’s officially pie season which means the elastic waist pants are out and the forks are up and ready to go. While nothing can beat your mama’s homemade pies, these locally made pies from other people’s mama’s come prettyyyyy damn close. And the best part? We’ve compiled a full list of these awesome pie places that let you buy full pies TO GO. You’re welcome. Read more on the Best Pies in Western New York at

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