Stress Less Day: just what students need

By Abby Wojcik

Features Contributor

Life as a college student can be intensely stressful when work is being assigned to the maximum and sleep hours are nonexistent. As a way to counteract the anxiety of students, Canisius College organizes a Stress Less Day once per semester. It occurs in Palisano Pavilion and is organized by the Counseling Center.

Stress Less Days are looked forward to by upperclassmen because “having a program like this is really helpful,” commented organizer Ivy Wang. She says that upperclassmen normally know how it works and jump right into the activities. Freshmen that are attending for the first time are usually hesitant at first, but then end up enjoying it just as much as everyone else.

School counselor Alison Smith loves this event because “a lot people don’t take time for themselves, so it’s a time to take a pause.” She wants the atmosphere to not be about being a student, but about being who you are.

The event and its offerings are a proven success as evidenced by the impressive student turnout each time. With tables filled with coloring books, Play-Doh, puzzles, board games, and Legos, there is no shortage of entertainment and activity. The Counseling Center also provides tea, soup, and snacks for all to enjoy. They then offer hand and back massages that take relaxing to a new level. While you indulge in the massage, there is soothing music playing, making the whole experience heavenly.

After midterms and the election, this event was definitely needed. Laura Szczepankiewicz, a participating student, says that “post-election stress is real.” Her friend Emily Howell said, “When I got the email, I thought, ‘I am so going!’” Howell and Szczepankiewicz agree that it helped a lot, and they can’t wait to do it again. This is a frequent sentiment held by most students and, as they exit the event, most can be seen as visibly calmer, happier, and more relaxed.

The collective favorite part of Stress Less Day was, without a doubt, the certified therapy dog, Juno. When she was walked in by her owner, everyone perked up and rushed to meet her. The friendly Labrador Retriever brought so many genuine smiles to people’s faces. Her kisses made everyone laugh and made for a joyful environment.

For anyone at Canisius feeling stressed or panicked or anxious, there are so many resources on campus that can help you. If you could not make it to this event, it is held every semester. If you feel you need it, be sure to take advantage of the Counseling Center, located on the main floor of Bosch Hall, and know that you are not alone.

Stress Less Day was the perfect way to unwind and let worries fall away. It was also a fun time to hang out with friends in a relaxing space. Everyone should make an effort to attend it.


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