I didn’t forget about you

By Dominic Chamberlain

Sports Editor

The Griffs are doing big things, and let it be known that I’m fully aware. Does this story deserve a full page? Absolutely. However, this is what I can give you.

        The Griffs’ men’s soccer team is in the semi-finals of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference tournament, and there is plenty of reason to be excited for their upcoming match-up with the Quinnipiac Bobcats on Friday Nov., 11.

        Earlier in the regular season, the Griffs and Bobcats battled to a 0-1 overtime score, which was a loss for the Griffs.  The Griffs have been insanely consistent all year and seem to have an uncanny knack for keeping games close against any opponent. The Griffs played 12 games before there was a game decided by more than one goal. Actually, the Griffs have only had two games decided by more than one goal this season: one being a 3-0 loss, while the other game was a 2-0 win that the Griffs earned last week in the first round of post-season play.

        It is honestly a time where the Griffs could make a run in the post-season; the only team to beat them were the Iona Gales, who had the 3-0 win. Otherwise, the Griffs have been in every game they have played and are right on the doorstep of victory. The Gales, by the way, didn’t make the tournament.

        The Griffs’ have one aspect of their game to thank for the success they have had and that’s the defense anchored by senior Thomas Teupen. Teupen was named MAAC Defensive Player of the Year, and his success reflects in the Griffs’ score line.

        As the game with the Bobcats nears kickoff in Hamden, Connecticut, the Griffs have one aspect that we know is solid: the defense.  The focus will then shift to the offense, namely Melvin Blair and Mathew Santos.  The two lead the team in points with Blair getting eight points and Santos with 12. If the two of them can produce, the Griffs have proven to be able to make any lead a good one.  It comes down to capitalizing on chances and not giving up any to the Bobcats.

        So I see you, Griffs’ soccer, and I’ll be watching.


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