Canisius bids farewell to Reddy bikes for the winter

By Sarah Sterzinger

Griffin Reporter

This year, USA introduced a new feature to campus: the Reddy Bikeshare. This program brought the Uber of the bike world to our students and allowed them to become more mobile without having a carbon impact. According to statistics provided by the Chair of the USA Sustainability Committee, Clayton Shanahan ‘18, the students of Canisius saved 1,802,242 grams of carbon with their first run of bikes.

The program has 35 stops throughout the Buffalo area, one being on Canisius’ own campus. According to Shanahan, Canisius’s stop was ranked #11 with over 200 rentals.  22 students registered using their Canisius College e-mails. However, there could be still more that used their own, personal e-mail. Many of the rides were to popular places like Elmwood, Buffalo State, Hertel Avenue, and Downtown Buffalo.

Although many bike memberships were given away at the start of the year, Shanahan acknowledged that some memberships were not used.

For the ones that weren’t used,” said Shanahan, “we hope to redistribute those in the Spring.”

Shanahan went on to state how pleased he was with the results of the program. He received nothing but positive feedback from those who used the bikes.

Clayton admitted that he had initial concerns about introducing a new program to the campus.

For being the first season,” said Shanahan, “I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but my expectations were definitely blown away. This is a great step towards pushing Canisius to use alternative forms of transportation–ones that are more environmentally friendly and work towards a more sustainable future.  Although just one bike ride may not seem like much, it still matters and is still part of a larger goal. “

Reddy Bike also reached out to the Canisius community, thanking the campus for “a great first season.”  Reddy Bikeshare said that although the bikes will go away for the  winter, they will be back again in March or April — “as soon as the weather permits.”

“Please keep a look out for a survey to gain feedback on how Reddy bikes operated this year,” said Reddy Bikeshare, “and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.”

The bikes will be removed from campus on Tuesday, November 15 and will return at some point in the spring depending on what the weather has in store. Shanahan encourages anyone with questions to find him in the USA office or to contact him via email.  Reddy Bikeshare may also be contacted via phone at 716-407-7474 or at


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