Club Spotlight: Commuter Student Association

By Abigail Wojcik

Features Contributor

This past week, the Canisius Commuter Student Association has introduced their own Spotify account! Why should you care? You should care because now you have the opportunity to have your favorite songs played over a set of speakers in the commuter lounge. Any student can submit a playlist by following “CSA_Canisius” on Spotify and then tilting it with “_Canisius” at the end. The playlist will then be played throughout the lounge and cycled through with other playlists.

A schedule is being worked on so that you can know when your playlist or one you want to hear is being played. The Vice President of CSA, Connor Rosenecker, says that “it hinders on getting enough people to submit.” So submit like crazy because there is no limit on the number of playlists you can send to CSA. Just put a minimum of 25 songs on a playlist and make sure to keep them appropriate. Currently, if you are wondering what is playing in the lounge, they are writing the name of the playlist and the name of the person’s account on the whiteboard. This is the chance for all of Canisius’ music aficionados to get their names and favorite jams out there, commuter or not.

Along with this exciting news, CSA is in the “seed stage” of getting Canisius students Spotify premium accounts! This would allow students access to premium Spotify accounts, allowing them to skip commercials, save songs to their device, and to play without shuffling on mobile. There are two options the club is looking into in order to make this a reality.

The first of these is tacking the cost onto tuition payments, which would make premium accounts available to all undergraduate and graduate students, and maybe even faculty. The second option, Rosenecker explains, would be “to extend the CSA budget in order to pay for every student.” This method would only cover undergraduate students.

Going forward, CSA is working on “Clublicity Program”, which hasn’t been officially announced but will also be through their Spotify account. It would be a way for clubs to submit playlists and have them be heard by the student body.

The initiative to have music that students want to hear in the commuter lounge is just one of the ways CSA is working to make Canisius a stronger, more connected community for residents and off-campus students. The initiative hopes to bring students together in the student lounge, making it an on-campus hub. Submitting a playlist is your way to be apart of this community!

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