Ghosts of Canisius

By Megan Rooney & Rebecca Brandel

Features Contributors

For an institution that has been around for as many years as Canisius College has, there unnamed-1.jpgare bound to be rumors of ghosts around campus. Most students have heard of ghost stories and mysteries in and around Canisius College, but for many, the exact source is unknown. Here is a compilation of Canisius’ best ghost stories and haunts, collected from Connor Walters, a class of 2015 Canisius College alumni.

The Ghost of Frisch: Every Frisch 5 resident knows of a ghost that haunts the halls of their beloved residence hall, but not many know the morbid origin. On the fifth floor of Frisch, it is suspected that there were three hangings, one of which was in the girls’ bathroom. The idea of a ghost of this floor was thought to be just a rumor until one day a girl took a selfie in the bathroom mirror and in the background of the picture, one could see a very distinct figure, which can only be explained by the existence of the ghost. Since then, people testify that they hear doors mysteriously slam and voices across the floor, which are now attributed to the ghost. The photo published along with this article is also another sighting of the Frisch 5 Ghost. The photo was taken in the corner suite, and the ghost can be seen peeking through the window, floating in midair five floors above Meech Street.

The Disappearing Rooms of Old Main: In Old Main, there are many rooms in which you can see the windows from the outside, but on the inside, these rooms are walled off. The most obvious example is that when the school went to renovate the janitor’s closet, they turned a men’s shower room into the closet but never reconstructed a woman’s shower room. This means that somewhere on the floor, there is a woman’s shower room, and if one tore down the wall around it, they would find the shower room still completely intact. In recent years when walls have been torn down, entire classrooms still full of desks and chairs have been found behind the walls, but no one in the school knew these classrooms existed. There is no known reason for the hiding of these rooms. Other suspected hidden rooms today are located near the faculty lounge and on the fourth floor of Old Main.

Lyons Hall: On the fourth floor, there are suspected to be many spooky nuns that appear and disappear across the floor. People have claimed to have seen them on both the second and fourth floor of this building. Lyons is also a location in which the SPB ghost hunt a few years ago detected ghost-like activity.

Dugan Residence Hall: In the fourth floor women’s restroom of Dugan, there is suspected to be a ghost as well. Students living on this floor will attest to the existence of the ghost, saying that the lights in the bathroom will turn on and off randomly despite the fact that they are manual and switch-operated. The showers also turn on and off randomly as well.

Chapel: In the undercroft of Christ the King Chapel, people have experienced unexplained voices in the confessionals, and the mysterious disappearance of an old man. A ghost hunting expedition in 2004 resulted in a number of students seeing the image of an old man in the basement as the ghost hunter snapped a picture. This man is suspected to be a priest.

Churchill Tower: A couple of decades ago, a Canisius English professor committed suicide by jumping off of the Statler Building. Since then, the ninth floor of Churchill Tower, the English floor, has been haunted by his ghost.

Marie Maday Theatre: Within Lyons, there is rumored to be a ghost named Marie. Marie has been known to wander around in the costume room and her footsteps can be heard from above. Many students can recall personal experiences with Marie. “We (Little Theatre members) were in the theatre at rehearsal and we heard a knock on the theatre door and someone jokingly said, ‘Oh, Marie wants to get in, go let her in.’ So I walked out to open to the door, and instantly I feel cold, and there was no one outside the door,” said Mia LaMarco, ‘17. The students in Little Theatre have to say goodbye to Marie before they leave or she messes with them by throwing papers around or setting off the alarm off, despite everyone being out of the theatre.  One Little Theatre member has a video on her phone of the members turning off the lights after leaving the theatre, and the lights flashing quickly on and off again. 

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