Fun fall food finds

By Caitlin McHugh & Aaron Rispoli

Features Contributors

‘Tis the season for apple cinnamon crumb cake, scrumptious donuts, and pumpkin-spiced… well, anything. Of course, it is understood that if we are to remain loyal to our newly found “culture,”we are morally obligated to partake in such festive consumption. But if you were trying to escape the monotony and banality inherent in the vortex of fall goodies, there may be a modicum of locales that can provide such an escape with their unique eats.unnamed-2.jpg

Squeeze Juicery is a great place if you are looking for a quick and healthy elixir to combat this year’s litany of ailments. Customers rave about their acai bowls, but I found that the “Superstition” smoothie–a blend of almond milk, pumpkin, pear, pumpkin spice, and a banana–was an aberration. It was so extraordinary that it may rival your favorite drink at Ashker’s, as blasphemous as that may be. The smoothie does come at a price, however, for $6.95 you can have this season’s tastiest smoothie in Buffalo.

Perks Cafe is an ideal spot to go on if you are looking for a pick me up on a cold, rainy day. “The Sweet Potato Chicken Chowder” is one of the establishments more famous dishes. A creamy combination of the freshest ingredients with hand-cut sweet potatoes for that infusion of sweet and salty to send you home happy. In addition to the taste, the size is grandiose and guarantees to send you home full as well. If you are particularly parched, the perfect compliment for the soup is the Perks Cafe’s “Caramel Apple Spice Latte”. The barista prepares the latte with the utmost accuracy, carefully crafting the beverage with the care and precision of a meticulous artist. For the customer concerned the aesthetics of their meal, Perks Cafe is the clear winner.

Five Points Bakery is a family run establishment whose identity is cultivated from their locally sourced ingredients. Located on Buffalo’s lower west side, their website states that their primary goal has always been about “growing as a people, as a business, and a part of this community.” Upon recommendation, the aptly named “Apple Cake” is the highlight of this bakery. The fall favorite can be found atop the counter in a single-item display case, evoking memories of mom’s homemade dessert. To consume the cake, however, is a grand endeavor in and of itself. Real apples, a moist middle, and a homemade, flaky crust comprise an unparalleled experience for sure.  The only description that can do the decadent treat justice is in the form of an idiom. Perhaps “Thanksgiving on a plate” can provide the proper context for this cake.

Caffe Aroma is a popular locale for consumers of all ages. It is a quaint establishment with a character and charm that is augmented by the establishment’s friendly personnel, who can be seen frequenting the shop on their days off. A popular item on the menu, offered in both a standard and a vegan option, is the freshly-baked banana bread. Infused with walnuts and a hue of cinnamon for a perfect twist on a classic, this fall treat is best coupled with their seasonal speciality: a hot cider mixed with chai tea and served in a house mug.

Spot Coffee is perhaps the most known of the locales detailed in this article, but that is usually for good reason. The location is a spacious repository where exam crammers and malcontent writers become one in the same. Including their cakes, cookies and Paula’s Donuts, Spot Coffee also offers gluten-free dessert options, inciting glee in all. Perhaps the most appropriate drink to try on one’s journey through the hysteria of fall eats is, but of course, the Pumpkin Spiced Latte.


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