Editorial 10/26: How to have a safe Halloween

Happy Halloweekend, Canisius!

As all Canisius students know, Halloween is a special time on our campus. As students pull their Northface jackets out from their storage containers and girls everywhere embrace themselves in infinity scarves and oversized sweaters, it’s hard not to notice as the campus begins preparing for a long and bitter winter. But, before we all transform into tunnel rats and begin complaining about Canisius’ inability to plow the snow from the parking lots, we celebrate one last opportunity to roam the streets of Buffalo in revealing clothes, receiving Natty Lite from strangers’ houses.

It makes sense. Celebrating Halloween is a big deal on any college campus, but it is an especially wild time for us Griffs. The stress of midterms and registration is finally kicking in, a looming winter is keeping us indoors, and we realize that this is one of the last opportunities we have to go out with our friends before our favorite house on Hughes boards up its windows and closes shop for the winter. Other than #GriffFest, Halloween is one of the only “party weekends” at our campus. But it is for this very reason that we here at The Griffin have to put our crazy college ambitions to the side and play Mom for just one moment. Please, Canisius, be safe out there.

For students who want to have Halloween fun that doesn’t involve getting blackout drunk, there are multiple on-campus options to celebrate this holiday. The Canisius Zoological Society is hosting a CZS Halloween event in Science Hall 1013A, on Friday, Oct. 28 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. that includes an animal-themed costume contest, a bat documentary, and some palm oil-free candy and chocolate for guests. If your candy cravings aren’t quite fulfilled after that event, you can always stop by to the candy bar being featured at the Zombie Casino, which is hosted by the Student Programming Board on Friday, Oct. 28 from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Along with the candy bar, there will be a costume contest and a grand prize of a $500 Visa gift card.

Although usually poorly-attended, Halloween programs are so important on campus because they give students a safe environment to enjoy one another’s company during the holiday weekend. Even if you do plan on street crawling through different house parties, try to check out the other options made available to you. These initiatives might not be important to you, but having them as an option for students to have is important.

It wouldn’t be an editorial if us here at The Griffin weren’t offering you some sort of advice, so hear us out, Canisius. Go have fun out there. Seriously, make the most out of your last taste of freedom. Just do it mindfully. You could drink water with your alcoholic beverages or not engage in drinking games or binge-drinking, not mix drugs with alcohol, or refrain from drinking hard liquor for the night, but we’d be foolish to think that you will actually follow all of those rules. So, if you can’t bring yourself to drink “responsibly” or be mindful of your partying habits, try practicing these simple tips to ensure your Halloweekend doesn’t end up becoming too spooky.

  1. Make use of the Find My Friends feature on your phone: Most of the time you go out, you expect to wake up in your bed (or at least in the bed of someone you have approved of), but just in case a worst-case scenario does happen, make sure that your friends and family are able to find you. This may even come in handy if you wander like an Irishman while drunk and need your friends to be able to find you when you inevitably forget to answer their text messages because you’re too busy flirting with the bartender.
  2. On that note, don’t be a bad friend: Listen up here, Canisius. The Griffin is big advocate of the ol’ fashioned buddy system, and we’re going to remind you all that it is not cool to leave someone at a bar or house party if you came there with them. Friends don’t forget friends, and friends don’t assume that their friends can find a way home in the dark. Don’t be that person. Make sure your friend/roommate/floormate gets home OK.
  3. BYOB: It might be tempting to go to the kegger and soak up as much free or underpriced booze as you can consume in a few hours, but that’s not always your safest bet. Bring your own bottle; this way, you know exactly what and how much you have drank.
  4. Intervene when things get weird: Despite it being “cuffing season,” Halloween is for hook-ups, and it’s not abnormal to find a man in a culturally-insensitive Mexican costume making out with the seventeenth Harley Quinn you’ve seen that night. However, if you see things getting pushy, or if one of the persons involved seems too incapacitated to make a clear decision, know that it’s your place as a bystander to step up.
  5. Don’t feel the need to go absolutely insane: It might be the last exciting weekend at Canisius for a while, but it’s (most likely) not the last night of your life, or even the last party you’ll attend. Breathe. Drink something that isn’t alcoholic at least once during the night. EAT BEFORE GOING OUT (and after, too). There will always be another party, but there will not always be another you. Take care of yourself, Canisius.
  6. Wear pants. (This isn’t necessary, but seriously, it is cold out. Please don’t freeze for the sake of your costume).

All in all, be safe, be sane, be mindful, and be a good friend. The Griffin wishes you all a happy and fun Halloween!


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