Truck or Treat yourself to some iconic food

By Sydney Bucholtz

Assistant Features Editor

Whether born and raised in Buffalo, or a recent addition to the football-loving, chicken wing-eating collection of individuals, there are certain places and activities that proudly accompany the average citizen’s experience in the city.  For instance, Canalside and the newly developed waterfront offer a scenic location to ice skate in the eye of a typical winter storm, and also a place to let loose and enjoy the Thursday night concerts or carnivals in the middle of summer.  On the other hand, exploring places such as Wilkeson Pointe or the paths in Delaware Park can make for a more lowkey night, even if the temperature drops by 25 degrees and you just as suddenly find yourself in a shop on Elmwood buying a sweatshirt.  A common ground in several of these iconic and familiar Buffalo staples includes a specific, resonant type of unity: food and the city go hand-in-hand.

In the midst of winning four games and establishing predictions that “this is the year that the Bills are going to the Superbowl,” fans can celebrate a win (or rectify a loss) at one of the many food spots or breweries that the city has to offer.  Between Lloyd’s, the Anchor Bar, Pano’s, 716, Duff’s, Chef’s, Pearl Street, Lake Effect, Dinosaur Barbecue, and Anderson’s, the options appear to continually expand (with the same correlation as the expanding hopes of Bills fans everywhere after the game last Sunday).  Luckily, the city will soon be featuring an event that will showcase its pride in this local cuisine, as well as a celebration of the coming of the Halloween season.

This Friday, October 21, a food truck event entitled “Truck or Treat” will take place in Larkin Square from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.  The event will feature trucks similar to those from Food Truck Tuesdays, a weekly assembly of food from restaurants such as Chef’s, Lloyd’s, Amy’s Truck, Sweet Melody’s, 716, Just Pizza, Ted’s, Abbott’s Custard, Cheesy Chick, and Taffy’s, which made its sixth annual return to Larkin Square from this past April until October.  

Larkin Square consistently provides exciting live entertainment, and Truck or Treat will feature a local Grateful Dead tribute band, Workingman’s Dead, as well as a revival of The Stamplickers, a distinctive pop band with a unique sound.

Larkin Square consistently provides exciting live entertainment at events similar to the upcoming Truck or Treat, and the Truck or Treat event will feature a local Grateful Dead tribute band, Workingman’s Dead, as well as a revival of The Stamplickers, a distinctive pop band with a unique sound.  

Alongside the consistent live entertainment that Larkin Square provides at these events, Truck or Treat will also be accompanied by several activities to get parents and children alike into the spirit of Halloween.  Kids in costumes will be accessible to trick-or-treat for candy, and a pumpkin-carving contest will also be taking place.  Admission to the event is completely free, and beer, wine, soft drinks, and classic Buffalo cuisine will be accessible.  More information about this and future events at Larkin Square can be found at

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