Canisius to host 2016 Fulbright Conference

By Brandon Seltenrich

Griffin Reporter

Students interested in studying abroad, conducting research with foreign students, or exercising their talents in another country, may be interested in what Canisius has to offer today. On Friday, October 21 from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Canisius’ very own Science Hall, students are welcome to check out some of the great opportunities provided by the Fulbright Association Fulbright Program, the largest academic exchange program in the world today.

Some tenets of this prestigious program include making an effort to increase understanding between people of the United States and people of other countries through exchanging students in order to share their respective knowledge and personal skills with other students. As for the history between the Fulbright Program and Canisius College, an astounding thirty-eight Canisius students in recent years have been awarded academic grants by the program travels to places like India, China, and Germany. Given the history between the program and our school, it is beneficial for students to take advantage of the relationship and continue to make positive strides towards expanding their knowledge.

This specific conference being held in the Science Hall is entitled “Fulbright and Social Activism in the 21st Century”, headlined by a special keynote speaker, Maryam Bibi, founder of non-governmental organization “Sister’s House.” This reaches out to women, children, and families in frontier and tribal areas of Pakistan. Bibi has been recognized by the United Nations with a Human Rights Award, along with a Nobel Prize nomination in 2005. To have a keynote speaker so involved in providing educational opportunities to the less fortunate come to our student body is an honor, one that hopefully inspires student to follow their dreams and improve the world.

Anyone interested in traveling the world to foreign countries, or waiting for a chance to spread their knowledge with the world, should take a chance and hear from this special guest speaker.  Check out the conference and apply for a Fulbright grant to take the first step.


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