Great moments are born from great opportunities

By Dominic Chamberlain

Sports Editor

By now you probably know that Canisius College isn’t a big school. Compared to other Division I NCAA schools we have a tiny social media presence. It’s so small that schools like the University of Michigan have more followers on their official Michigan Football twitter page than all of the Canisius sports accounts combined.

So with this comes a stigma; Canisius won’t do anything in Division I athletics. Sure we win the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference championship in some sports and yes hockey has won the Atlantic Hockey championship before but people outside of Canisius will tell you that those ensuing NCAA tournament runs amounted to nothing.  We win our conference but we don’t win National Championships.

And because of this people write the Griffs off as a team that poses no real threat. Well Appalachian State University wasn’t supposed to pose a threat to the Michigan Wolverines, the Giants weren’t given a chance against the undefeated Patriots, and a group of college kids in 1980 weren’t supposed to beat the Soviet Union on the ice in the Olympics.

Those are some of the most iconic upsets in sports history and this weekend will mark the first of two chances the Griffs have this season to have two major upsets of their own.

The Griffs hockey team will face off against the defending National Champions the North Dakota Fighting Hawks. The Fighting Hawks are the number one ranked team in the nation heading into the season and are expected to be one of the favorites to see the Frozen Four again this year.  The Griffs will play two games against North Dakota on the road.

The second major upset opportunity the Griffs have this season is when the Men’s basketball team will open their season against John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats. Kentucky has been well known name in Division I NCAA basketball for some time now. They are always expected to make it into the March Madness tournament and as recent history shows, they are very good in tournament play.

The last time the Wildcats were not in the tournament was in 2009 but since the turn of the decade Kentucky has been to the Final Four four times and most recently won the National Championship in 2012.

To say the Griffs are underdogs in these games is an understatement. The defending National Champions and a basketball powerhouse are facing the Griffs right as they begin their respective seasons but at the end of the day this is sports and as we have seen in the past, crazy things can happen at any time.


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