DREAMERS make triumphant return to Buffalo

By Becca Hartman

Copy Editor

One album goes a long way, or so the men of Los Angeles-based band DREAMERS found out at the Waiting Room this past Thursday night.

The last time DREAMERS, a self-proclaimed “cosmic rock” trio under Fairfax Recordings, played Buffalo, their first full length album had yet to come out. They featured a fairly new drummer in Los Angeles, resident Jacob Wick–the rest of the group is bassist Marc Nelson and vocalist/guitarist Nick Wold, both of Brooklyn, New York–and they had only released two EPs: 2014’s “E.P.” and 2016’s “You Are Here.” They played to a crowd of ten or so fans on the Waiting Room’s smaller stage. They had yet to release a major single.

Now, however, DREAMERS have returned to capitalize on what they started.  Their latest single, Sweet Disaster, was released in June of 2016 and has recently reached number 13 on Alt Nation’s Alt 18, and their debut album, This Album Does Not Exist, came out on August 26 to mostly favorable reviews. Currently engrossed in a national tour as one of the opening acts for fellow LA alternative band The Mowgli’s, they made a quick foray–sans Mowgli’s–to Buffalo between October 5’s show at the Montage Music Hall in Rochester and October 8’s show at the House of Independents in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

As with many of the Waiting Room’s After Dark Presents shows, DREAMERS were opened for by several local bands. Thursday’s line-up consisted of The Rifts, Marquee Grand, and Younger Then, who are no strangers to the After Dark Presents stage.

DREAMERS opened their set to a small group of fans with a song from their latest album, Little New Moon, starting off with great energy. Wold and Nelson played their guitars back-to-back while Wick maintained charisma at his drum set, positioned to the right of the stage. This song was followed by Shooting Shadows, a fast-paced number first heard on the You Are Here EP, which drew back many people who had drifted towards the bar between sets.

“We’re happy to be here in Buffalo,” said Wold into the microphone. “We’ve played here before, but never to such a warm welcome. Thank you.”

The set continued with several songs off of their album, including Never Too Late to Dance, Cry Out for Me, Painkiller, Sweet Disaster, and DRUGS, which is an allegorical look at the current culture of technology and social media. They also brought back an old fan favorite, Waste My Night, from their very first E.P. “We were asked to play this one last time we were here. It’s been a while,” Wold laughed to the crowd. “Glad we remembered how to play it.” They concluded their set with Wolves, a song which was preluded with Wold howling into the microphone and encouraging the crowd to join along.

While still a relatively up-and-coming band on the alternative circuit, DREAMERS have a very devoted fan following. Sydney Olsen, a freshman studying communications at the University at Buffalo, has seen DREAMERS in concert six times over the past two years and become close to the band members and crew through this. (Wold even went so far as to dedicate Sweet Disaster to her before performing it, saying, “This one is for Sydney. She’s always up here.”) “I don’t think I could feel a happiness greater than being at one of their shows,” Olsen said. “They’re some of the greatest guys I’ve ever met. Not only are they amazing musicians, but they’re the sweetest people.”

While DREAMERS are clearly dedicated performers on-stage, they are also strongly involved with their fanbase both after shows and on social media. They frequently tweet back at fans with anything from appreciation for support, to funny emojis, to general advice. Wold, Wick, and Nelson always stop by their merchandise table after shows as well in order to meet and take photos with their fans and can–most times–be spotted in the crowd before their set, supporting the bands opening for them.

DREAMERS are currently on a national tour with The Mowgli’s, which ends in Los Angeles on October 30. Starting on November 1, they will be embarking on an east coast tour with NYC-based alternative band Great Good Fine OK, which will kick off in Hamden, Connecticut. The band can be followed on their individual Twitter accounts at @marcnelsonbass, @nickisadreamer, and @jacobleewick, as well as at @DREAMERSjoinus.


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