Apparent suicide on Humboldt Parkway

By Dominic Chamberlain

Sports Editor

At approximately 11:26 pm on Wednesday evening, the Buffalo Police Department and Canisius Public Safety responded to calls of shots fired at 289 Humboldt Parkway.

The scene developed rather quickly as cop cars swarmed on the area.  First police cars arrived, followed by emergency services and an ambulance, which was closely followed by the Buffalo Fire Department.

The news eventually broke later that the units were called to the residence in response to an apparent suicide. The call was for a man who was described in press releases as “middle aged.”

Neighbors slowly started to gather outside as police set a radius around the scene. It was as the news crews started to roll in that early reports started to file out.

Police on the scene offered little to no insight about the situation, but did say there was no impending danger to neighbors.

Upon arrival officers found a decreased male who was believed to be in the 40-50 year old range on the porch at 289 Humboldt,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Mangione in an email that was sent as a timely notification to the Canisius student body.  The email was sent at 1:27 am Thursday morning, approximately two hours after the incident occurred.

Director of Public Safety Wil Johnson sent out a timely notification of his own further updating the student body on the situation at 7:21 am Thursday morning.

“Preliminary investigation by Buffalo Police indicates strongly through evidence at the scene and witness statements that this was a self-inflicted death,” read Johnson’s email.

The first notification stated that there was no believed risk to the Canisius community and both notifications stressed the importance of being “watchful” and to report any suspicious activity to Public Safety.

Canisius student Rebekah Gordon ‘19 reported hearing the shots.

“I went over to my friends house,” said Gordon, “he lives on the corner of Humboldt and Loring. And we were just sitting in the living room… and I heard two loud bang bang. Honestly I didn’t even think gun shot, it sounded like metal on metal to me.”

Both notifications conclude that if anyone has any information about the incident, they should contact Public Safety or the Buffalo Police.



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