Step Out Buffalo – 9/30

unnamed-1.pngBy Lauren Spoth

  • Live out your pumpkin-spiced dreams at a Fall Fest – It’s fall y’all! Celebrate it at one of the many, many Fall Fests happening all over Buffalo and WNY this month including but not limited to Allentown, Ellicottville, Canalside, and the Botanical Gardens. #hansoloseason > Read more on all the Fall Fests this month at
  • Get down and/or weird at a live show – There are a LOT of concerts happening over the next few weeks, from the Anti-Venue Tour to the Doobie Brothers to Salt-n-Pepa and everything in between. We’re not sure what stars have aligned to grace us with all of these wonderful shows, but we’re also not mad at it. > Read more on WNY’s concert scene
  • Go meatballs to the walls at the Meatball Street Brawl – Yes, a meatball street brawl. Over a dozen restaurants will be competing to see who makes the best/most creative/most drool-worthy meatballs in town, and *you* are the winner because you get to eat all of them. > Read more about the Meatball Street Brawl at
  • Catch a flick at the Buffalo International Film Festival – Like TIFF, but with more coolness and less pretention. The Buffalo Intl. Film Festival showcases the best local, regional, national, and international Indie films for your viewing pleasure October 7-10 at places like the North Park Theater and Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center. And the best part? Tickets are just $10 bucks. Read more on the Buffalo International Film Festival

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