Club Spotlight: Global Horizons

By Becca Brandel and Megan Rooney

Features Contributors

Ever wonder if it’s possible to travel around the world in just an hour? Canisius College Global Horizons makes such a thing possible for students. Dedicated to helping connect international and domestic students, Global Horizons offers a community in which every person can share and learn about other cultures. This past Thursday night, they held their first event of the semester, an International Night of Tea and Desserts. This event helped achieve the club’s goal of introducing different cultures to the student body in a comfortable environment.

At the event, there were more than 20 desserts and 16 countries represented. Many international students made and brought foods from their own countries to share, and the e-board shopped at authentic shops around Buffalo to find just the right ingredients to prepare desserts.

The event was moved from the Grupp Lounge to the Science Hall Commons this year to accommodate for a larger anticipated turnout, and students did not disappoint. People were lined up well into the classroom wing in anticipation for the event, with students chattering in excitement as they waited.

Students received three tickets and could travel from table to table to ty different types of foods from all different countries. Featured food included baklava with figs from Turkey, churros from Spain, tiramisu from Italy, rice pudding from Iran, and soda bread from Ireland. Different types of tea, including bubble tea originally from Taiwan, were also included.

As students socialized, popular music from countries all over the world played in the background, creating a cultured and relaxed environment. There were many round tables for students to sit at and eat with their friends, as well as converse with new friends from around the world.

When international students first arrive at Canisius, they are introduced to this club as a good way to assimilate into the school and meet other international students who, while not from the same country, are now sharing the same experiences at Canisius College.

The entirety of the Global Horizons e-board are all from different countries, with students from Brazil, Japan, the United States, Serbia, and Puerto Rico. The clubs president, senior Tamara Miskovic, is an international student from Serbia.

“The first two years I attended Canisius, I went to the Global Horizons meetings, but I kind of stayed on the sidelines,” said Miskovic. “However, when I became a junior, I decided to run for the e-board and the rest is history.”

Amanda Momoh, an e-board member and a junior international student from Nigeria also feels as though Global Horizons has shaped her experience at Canisius. “Global Horizons has introduced me to cultures I never would have known about otherwise,” said Momah. “Everybody has something cool about them that you want to learn.”

Over the course  of the semester, Global Horizations will be having at least three events in a similar fashion to their International Night of Dessert and Tea.  This is styled after the way in which Global Horizons planned their events in years prior. One event from last year that is being reconsidered for the coming months is a night in which Korean exchange students teach others how to make authentic sushi.

Other events to look forward to in the spring semester include a party to celebrate the Lunar New Year in January, festivities on March 8 to honor the International Day of Women, and Global Fest.

Global Fest is held annually, and is Global Horizons’ biggest event of the year. It includes five to six performers from various countries and activities such as creating personalized luggage tags, henna, and doing calligraphy, as well as food from up to twenty nations across the globe. This event will be held in April this spring.

Overall, no matter what country you are from, all are welcome to Global Horizons events to learn more about other cultures and make new friends, so keep an eye out for information on these coming events!


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