Step-Out Buffalo 9/23

By Lauren Spoth

  • LYAO @ Craig Robinson – You know, that guy from The Office/Hot Tub Time Machine/This is the End/Pineapple Express? He’ll be doing what he does best (aka making us laugh) at Helium Comedy Club Wednesday Sept. unnamed-1.png28 and Thursday Sept. 29. Plus they say laughing works out your abs so this really seems like a no-brainer to us. #prolongthewinterbod Read more on Craig Robinson’s showtimes at >
  • Stuff your face with BBQ at Oinktoberfest – Get it? OINKtoberfest is a glorious event that celebrates barbecue goodness for three wonderful days, September 23, 24, & 25, at The Great Pumpkin Farm. This year’s theme is “East Meats (get it??) West” which will highlight Asia’s influence on BBQ through dishes like Korean Bulgogi, Chinese Char Siu Pork, and Japanese Yakitori. Our stomachs are already growling. Read more on this delicious, pun-filled event at >
  • Go see Spectral Locus while you still can – Spectral Locus is one of the public art installations commissioned by the lovely folks at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Brooklyn artist Amanda Browder and 400+ volunteers sewed together three ginormous quilts to cover three locations – the Eckhardt Building at 950 Broadway Avenue, the former Richmond Methodist Episcopal Church at Richmond Avenue and West Ferry Street, and the Albright-Knox’s own Clifton Hall. If you haven’t seen them they are beyond worth it, and rumor has it they’ll all be taken down sometime this month. Run don’t walk. Read more on the Spectral Locus art project at >
  • Slurp down a milkshake at one of the best milkshake joints in town – It might *technically* be fall, but as long as Mother Nature continues to serve us these 80 degree days we say it’s still summer. And there’s nothing better on a hot (faux) summer day than a milkshake…especially a milkshake that comes in pitcher-form. As in a PITCHER of milkshake. Stop drooling, you’re in public. Read more on the best milkshake joints in WNY at >
  • Take photos. Lots of photos. – Right now we’re experiencing a bit of what we like to call “the best of both world’s”. A moment of silence for Hannah Montana. It’s basically seasonal limbo up in here, with the essence of fall all around us and summer-like temperatures gracing us with their presence. It’s the perfect time to explore different neighborhoods, check out that place you’ve been dying to see, and of course, upload all of these photos to Instagram. Bonus: Use #hashtagstepoutbuffalo for a chance to have your pics featured on and in our next Buffalo Insta Exhibition! Read more on #hashtagstepoutbuffalo and check out some of the best Instagram’s in Buffalo at >

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