Student Senate Spotlight: Gina Trippe

By Amanda Weber and Felicia Smolen

Assistant News Editor and Griffin Reporter

Gina Trippe is the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations on the executive board for the Canisius College Senate. The Griffin sat down with Gina to get a better understanding of what her position entails, how it has impacted her, and what opportunities have come her way as a result of her participation in the Senate.

When asked about her motivations for running for the Senate, Gina said, “I ultimately ran for a position in Senate because I wanted to continue to be in organizations that served the student body, and I felt that Senate had the potential to do that if the people in it used their resources and opportunities in an advantageous and responsible way.”

Some of her duties include circulating information not only within the Senate, but also to undergraduate students.  In addition to this, she is responsible for accurately recording meetings and assembling an e-mail that is sent out to all undergraduates entailing what has been discussed.

“Essentially, I manage our communication, our marketing, and our public relations,” said Gina.

Since becoming a part of the Senate, Gina has discovered that she wants to further her education in Communications and Public Relations, and even went so far as to add a minor in Communication Studies, which has broadened her potential for other career paths.

“So much of my positive experience comes from being able to work with [the Senate], and I’m grateful that this experience has not only given me professional experience, but also some amazing friendships as well,” Gina said, showing her gratitude for being able to work with the people she has.

With graduation fast approaching, Gina remarked that she can see herself in a career that involves event planning, communications, or public relations, even though she does not have her choice completely narrowed down.

“I feel confident that I can go forward in more professional settings and successfully handle issues and problem-solve,” she said. Gina is also a Team Leader for New Student Orientation, Special Events Coordinator for the Student Programming Board, and can typically be seen rocking some bows and glitter, so make sure to say “hi” when you see her!


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