Freshman prepare for election results: Six new senators to be announced today

Brandon Seltenrich

Griffin Reporter

Arriving at college, a new and different environment, can appear a menacing milestone. Being a college freshman stereotypically entails easing into routines; it is customary to try and fit in, lay low, and go with the flow of classes. However, an approach accepted in stride by many incoming students this year and during years past is simple: join clubs, go to events, meet people and put yourself ‘out there,’ so to speak. After all, socializing is an important step in capitalizing on interests and working toward personal goals.

One such step in ensuring publicity and campus-wide networking is attempting a college career in the senate. With the ongoing freshman senate elections comes an interesting query for freshman voters: Who do I vote for, and why?

The Griffin took the liberty of going behind the scenes and finding out just what kind of student is tailored for such a commitment to the Canisius College community a mere two weeks into their first year here. Emily Howell ‘20, had the courtesy of answering some questions regarding her campaign and reasons for running.

Perhaps most important in deciding whether to run for a position in the senate is feeling out the Canisius community and collecting initial impressions of the school in order to construct a better campaign. When asked about the initial vibe she received from the school, Howell stated that “[her] first impressions of Canisius were that [she] can’t wait to spend the next couple years here as a student.” She added, “It is such a beautiful school with so many amazing opportunities [she] can’t wait to take advantage of.”

A positive attitude is an imperative characteristic in a potential senator, so it is positive to see such enthusiasm in a new student. As for what ultimately made her want to run for student government, Howell stated it was “[her] love for government and everything that comes along with it.” She went on to elaborate that even though it’s student government, she still finds it “exciting and fascinating.”

The most important facet in what separates one candidate from another, especially in an election in which many students will base their vote on the vision they deem best, is a candidate’s outline for what they want to accomplish.

Outlining her vision for the year, assuming she is elected in a field of fifteen candidates where only six can win, Emily enthusiastically generalized that “some ideas for this school year [are] to help as many students and organizations that [she] can and to keep everyone happy.”

Realistically, she believes that “anything you put your heart into can be achieved.”  Furthermore, she realizes monumental changes are not always available to be made. With that in mind, she notes that “any little things that get done this year all add up and help change things on campus.”

From the eyes of a brand new student, making the decision to run for a senate position this early in their college career can be daunting, yet ultimately rewarding. In turn, from the eyes of a potential freshman voter, one should try to have an enthusiastic outlook on this election and in the abilities of their fellow peers.


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