Tim Horton’s reveals summer renovations

By Sarah Sterzinger

Griffin Reporter


The Tim Horton’s located on campus was renovated over the summer as part of the renovations to the Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library.  The Tim’s location is a hot spot for many sleep-deprived students running to and from class.  With lines going down the hallways, students had great anticipation for the renovation.  Along with a sleek new interior, it now has some very exciting new features that have it looking more like a traditional Tim Horton’s.unnamed.jpg

Billie Rhode, a Tim Horton’s employee, gave The Griffin insight on the fun new things they have.

“[Tim’s] now has three registers, including an express lane. Two sandwich stations with the ability to cook and bake in the back.”

Along with LED menus, Tim’s is prepared for the crazy morning rushes. The express lane is perfect for grabbing just a coffee or bakery item before class. It allows for the line to be divided into those with simpler orders and those with more time-consuming orders. This division has led to a clearing of the path that used to block the tunnel to Old Main.

However, like any new thing, Tim’s still has some growing pains to go through. Construction went on longer than expected. Classes started without  a coffee shop open to students in Old Main. To prove their dedication to our students, the College built a miniature makeshift store inside the library.  As the caution tape came down and the new store was revealed, the growing pains were still coming.

The new store brings new challenges. Since the store is able to handle more people, a greater number of staff is needed. New staffers plus new technology have equaled mid-morning delays. Self-proclaimed “coffee addict” Alyssa Kramer voiced her support of the new store.  

“I really like the new design,” said Kramer. “It looks clean and inviting. The express lane is probably my favorite new feature, but it hasn’t been up and running just right yet. I know this is probably due to new employees and basically a whole new store, but I think it’s going to be a great thing once it’s ready. Everyone just needs to be a bit more patient till they figure everything out.”

Students can be confident with their caffeine cravings in the trustful hands of Tim Horton’s. Students, however, may want to remember to add a little more time for their coffee runs in these initial days.



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