Six new clubs to look out for in 2016

By Nathan Ress

Features Editor

In the Canisius College experience, clubs and outside activities have always been a huge part. Canisius currently boasts 166 Griff Link registered clubs and organizations available around campus, making it quite difficult for one not to find something they are interested in. Canisius also adds new clubs constantly, with one or two clubs being added every month. Only fifteen students are required to start a new club on campus making it very easy to begin a new organization with any focus.

With this in mind, below is a list of six clubs starting their first full semester as official student organizations. Listed is the primary contact for the organization, as well as a small description of the clubs activities.

Canisius College Umbrella Club

Primary Contact: Elijah Musik-Kotlowski (

The Canisius College Umbrella Club strives to create a safe space for any and every student who wishes to join – thus the name the Umbrella Club. It is a place for diverse opinions and worldviews to come together and express themselves in an environment friendly to all. Students can feel free to open up about personal issues, or encourage and listen as others do so.

Canisius College Circle K

Primary Contact: Julia Dressler (

The Canisius College Circle K is a service organization which is part of a much larger, global organization sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. It is an organization dedicated to creating service leaders and individuals who are able to relate to and aid others. The program links members to professionals and allowing them to serve and learn together.

Canisius College Hiking Club

Primary Contact: Lydia Beinhauer (

The Canisius College Hiking Club is somewhat self-explanatory. It is a club dedicated to giving students the opportunity to explore and adventure in a natural environment. Students can get of campus in a fun and healthy manner. This club has already experienced a huge surge in membership, though it is very new to the College.

Canisius College Turning Point USA

Primary Contact: Alyssa Quigley (

Turning Point USA is a political organization on campus. It is dedicated to promote small government and free market economics. The club encourages fiscal responsibilities among students, as well as registering students to vote and encouraging political activity.

Canisius College Disney Club

Primary Contact: Gwen Roman (

The Canisius College Disney Club is another campus favorite that is attracting a lot of buzz this semester. It is a club dedicated to showing and enjoying the creations of Mr. Walt Disney and his organization. In a few words, it is dedicated to delivering the feelings of “whimsical youthfulness” to those involved, as intended by Walt Disney himself.

Canisius College Pep Band

Primary Contact: Gianna Romanelli (

Though the Canisius College Pep Band has been around for less than a year yet, it has already made its presence both felt, and especially herd. The band performs at various sporting events, providing inspirational music for both athletes and spectators alike. As always, the band is always looking for new talented musicians to join its ranks.

These are simply a few of the clubs and groups offered at Canisius, the newest additions to the deep ranks that already exist. Again with over 150 options on campus, there is certainly something for every student to get involved in, and each student is more than encouraged to join an on campus organization. Furthermore, students who are willing are certainly welcome to branch out and try new clubs and organizations that may interest them. One can find a complete list of clubs and organizations on the Griff Link website, as well as basic information and primary contacts. Simply reach out to the primary contact of a given organization for information about upcoming sessions. There are certainly enough to go around.


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