What to expect when you’re Griff Fest-ing

By Janelle Harb


Would an event by any other name be just as sweet? Apparently so as this year’s Quad Party/Spring Fest/Griff Fest will be taking place next week in celebration of the end of another successful semester.  The Griffin was able to talk to Kate Anticoli, Chair of the Student Programming Board, and Vince Bargnes, Special Events Coordinator, both of whom worked extremely hard to plan this year’s event and get an inside look at this year’s festivities.

The Griffin: What can we expect at this year’s Griff Fest?

Vince Bargnes: This year’s Griff Fest is going to be incredible.  We very much liked how it went last year, and we got a lot of positive feedback.  So we wanted to make it sort of like the same components, having the same overall characteristics of what last year’s was.  We’ve also added some variety to it, but you’ll see some of the same things like the carnival games, lloyd’s, the picture booth, live music.  But there’ll be some new editions like Chef’s will be there, so will Ted’s.  Also, we’ll still be giving the people live music, but it’ll just be two local bands, and throughout the rest, it’ll be a DJ.  We got the feedback that the students really liked the live music, but it was kind of weird to have this concert and it was kind of like background music, so they couldn’t really appreciate the bands.  The Plagiarists and Darling Harbor will be appearing at different times, 3:30PM and 6:00PM, respectively.  And throughout that, one of the DJs we commonly work with at events will be there.  Prizes are a bit different this year, we’ll have ‘cash cubes,’ where you’re in a vortex of air with the cash flying around you so you can grab as much as possible.  So we’ll have that as a prize option, as well as other pick-up prizes.  There’ll also be swag like last year too, so we’ll have t-shirts and sunglasses, and as opposed to having a third item, we decided to just focus on those two items so there’ll be a lot more of those to go around.  It should be lots of fun, especially for our graduating seniors.

TG: How do you decide to make changes from year to year?

VB: So through our “Pizza and Programming” event, and just by talking to different friend groups, and different people involved in different aspects of the campus, we’re able to get a diverse response.

KA: We have a lot of different people on our E-Board from a lot of different aspects on campus, so they’re able to bring in their own experiences.

TG: How has the event changed from year to year?

VB: It’s funny, I was at a Canisius event where there was old alumni from the past 10 years, and even older ones from the past 40 years like my parents, and they were like ‘oh, is it Quad Party still?’ and I had to explain how we’ve changed it.  Compared to last year’s event, there won’t be too much different, it’ll be in the Lyons area again.

KA: The events change as the College has changed.  In the past when our student body was a lot smaller, they could have parties in the Quad, then it was moved to the KAC for a little bit, and then when it got a little too out of hand and they needed more security, that’s when it ended up being moved over to the Lyons Lawn.  Due to the unreliability of Buffalo weather, that’s why it’s now moved to the concrete area that we’re in now.  But even just looking at how the event has developed, it’s become so much more, especially as SPB has developed, and really took on a lot more responsibility over the past couple of years because of the different offices and the restructuring, it has really allowed us to work with this event to make it into something that students can really look forward to.  A couple years ago, the events used to be themed, and so there had been America themed, or 90s themed, we have so much random swag in our storeroom from our past ‘Spring Fests’ as they were.  Since it was a challenge to have that theme be shown in that event, that’s why we’ve made this change to Griff Fest.  It’s supposed to be a huge celebration of Canisius in the best way that we know how, and that’s what we thought our campus wanted and needed just to celebrate being a Canisius student and to celebrate the last day of classes.

VB:  We’ll see what feedback we get from there being no overall theme and work from that.

TG: How do you get in contact with all of the food vendors and bands?

VB: A lot of people have their own coordinators.  We had a bid process, so we added a couple of competitive vendors there so we could get the most bang for our buck.

KA: A lot of these people we’ve worked with in the past, and so they know this event and they’re prepared.

TG: What are you most looking forward to?

KA: From a personal standpoint, the food is always my favorite.  I know this is really bad because I’ve been here for almost three years, but I’ve never had a lloyd’s taco, so I’m excited to try my first lloyd’s taco.  On the other hand, for me, this event is the culmination of my first year in this position, so it’s also going to be a nice way to end that, and see everyone enjoying themselves.  It’s two-fold: the lloyd’s taco and then marking the end of the semester.

VB: This is definitely the biggest event I’ve programmed at Canisius, there were like 20 different contracts going on, so single-handedly doing that and seeing the manifestation of this event will be pretty cool.

As always, Griff Fest promises to be one of the biggest and successful events of the school year, featuring two of the most important things to a Canisius student: free food and free t-shirts.  Be sure to celebrate alongside the rest of your fellow Griffs next Friday, May 6th in the afternoon in the Lyons parking lot.


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