Maloy does something that has never been done by a Buffalo-area collegiate runner

By Samuel Brouwere

Sports Reporter

Last Saturday at the Bucknell Bison Invite in Lewisburg, PA, graduate student Chad Maloy became the first Buffalo-area collegiate runner to finish in the 10k race with a time under 30 minutes.

Maloy finished the race in 6th place with a time of (29:53.07). Chad spoke to becoming the first Buffalo-area collegiate runner to accomplish the feat when he said, “It’s a big honor. I didn’t even know that going into it or until after I found out, but just knowing that I was able to do it first out of all the big schools means a lot to me.” Maloy then explained that it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of his teammates, “It obviously wasn’t going to be possible without my teammates out there. They really pushed through for me and right when it started getting tough, they really helped me out by cheering me on and they really got me under that 30 minutes. ”

This time broke the school record in the event by 16 seconds. This finish can only do good things for the Griffs track program. Coach Nate Huckle spoke to the race when he said, “It was an excellent race. It’s something that we had a goal of going into the season. He wasn’t too far off it last year and the school record was down at (30:09). So we had a goal of breaking the school record, then also breaking 30 minutes is a major milestone for elite and sub elite runners. Nobody in the Buffalo area, while they were at school here has ever done it so it was a big first for him and a great thing for our program as well. It shows that he is on another level of performance at this point.”

Maloy has accomplished a lot at Canisius and this only adds to the list of accomplishments. Maloy spoke to what he still would like to accomplish in his last season when he said, “I really want to go after the 5k. I think my next milestone is sub (14:20). A dream goal would be to go after the MAAC Championship and try to get a title in that. ”

A strong performance like this can only help the Griffs, as a performance like this can give Maloy a great deal of confidence for the remainder of the season. Maloy expressed his confidence when he said, “Right now it’s pretty high. I feel really good and I’ve had some really solid workouts. I’ve been just clicking off things and I really haven’t had too many bad days. My morale is pretty high and going into these final championship races, I feel I will fare very well.”

Other records were also broken in Lewisburg. Juniors Jeff Antolos and Brennan Root broke school records. Antolos set the school record in the 5k with a time of (14:39.08). Root set the school record in the 3k steeplechase with a time of (9:19.11). Also for the women’s team, sophomore Haylie Virginia gained the second-fastest time in school history for the 1500m event with a time of (4:47.59).

Overall, it was a pretty successful meet for the Griffs. Coach Huckle gave his overall thoughts on the Bucknell Invite when he said, “The Invite overall went very good for us. It’s always a facility with tremendous competition and our athletes just really stepped up and took advantage of the situation, took advantage of the opportunity and competed well. It was our opener this year so we were theoretically rusty, but they didn’t show any rust. We had great personal best times and three school records went down. They came out and competed really well in the conditions.”

Up next for the Griffs is the Upstate Challenge in Ithaca, NY. Coach Huckle talked about how the team is preparing when he said, “Really it’s just business as usual this week. We got on the track Tuesday for a hard workout. This meet and next weekends are just tune ups for the MAAC Championships. So this week at Cornell we’ll be dropping down in distances, people won’t be running their primaries. Nobody will be running the 5k, they’ll be primarily be running the 800 and 1500 to work on speed and efficiency so that when we come back up for MAACs they will be ready to go.”

The next meet will be a good challenge for the Griffs, as they appear in the right mindset heading towards the MAAC Championship in May.


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