From Albany to Buffalo: Albany transfer Giglio has pushed her team to success on and off the field

By Robert Janish

Senior Sports Writer

In her final weeks as a member of the women’s lacrosse team, Senior attacker Taylor Giglio has grown to become one of the team’s best players in recent memory. Her impact at Canisius makes it hard to fathom that Giglio has only been a member of this team for three seasons.

In her first year, she was six hours east, playing for the University of Albany, playing for the Great Danes lacrosse team. In her freshman year, she earned a goal and assist in eight games played in 2013.

Giglio says academics played an important role in her transferring to Canisius. However, “being a part of a program like this, I can get more opportunities and I liked a lot of the philosophies Coach Teeter had and that’s what helped me decide to come here.”

Head Coach Scott Teeter says he sees a natural goal scorer in Giglio, and he has believed that even before she first joined the team three years ago. “I had seen her play when she was in high school, but then she was already committed to Albany, so it was sort of moved on from her.”

Giglio believes with the high caliber players of Albany, it helped prepare her for Coach Teeter’s style of play, “and playing some tough competition also played another factor to come transfer here, and play the tough MAAC teams that we do play.”

Senior Caroline Ogden believes Giglio adjusted rather well to the team. “She came in as a really strong player from Albany, and just adjusted to our offensive concepts and bonding in Teeter’s system immediately.”

Teeter added how “she has a knack to put the ball in the net and she fit right into our offense.” He believes that Giglio’s great work ethic and her ability to score has helped her grow into a leader for this team through the years.

“[Giglio]’s a really strong player, she knows a lot about the offense and I think that was definitely her strongest asset coming in,” Ogden said. “She just easily bought into Teeter’s concepts and was easily able to fit in with our offense.”

Ogden echoed her coach’s sentiment, saying Giglio is indeed a natural goal-scorer, and “it’s always nice to have a player like that, just able to put the ball in the back of the net, so that was probably the biggest thing she was able to add to our offense.”

When she first entered the program, Teeter elaborated on the process it was for Giglio coming in for her sophomore year. The situation involves the individual’s willingness to build chemistry with her teammates and put in the effort to make this work. On the other hand, the program and the team members must also be able to accept the player, and “you have to be open to that type of player, that all and all, made our program better, and it was a great decision for our program” said Teeter.

Ogden says her and Giglio have been able to build chemistry with one another, “and I think that’s the biggest thing, to work close off the field so we can relay chemistry back on the field, and that’s the biggest thing that adds to our ability to play with each other.”

Giglio says Teeter was able to “allow me to develop into a better player over the last three years, I learned a lot from him.” Giglio also cites advice she has gotten from former players such as Tori Quinn and Maria Kotas, and “has taught me a lot and I think that, having such a great team atmosphere, has really helped us too.”

Teeter believes Giglio has given his team “another threat, or another option on our attack that is another top option.” Also, since Giglio is so well-liked by her teammates and gets along with them so well, Teeter says “since she transferred here, our program’s been better.”

Besides her success on the field, Giglio has gained a greater understanding off the field, partaking in such activities such as volunteering and fundraiser which has helped her become more mature and being able to handle more responsibilities as a result.

Giglio added how Senior Day was so perfect, and how amazing it felt to be recognized on the field for their accomplishments. “We’ve dedicated a lot of time to lacrosse and I know that it is sad and how everything’s coming to an end, but it really is a special day to look back on your career.”

“I’ve learned a lot from [Giglio],” Ogden said. “I kind of watch what she does, learn from her positives out there playing as well as learn from some negatives as well, so I learn so much from her every single day and I’m really grateful for her.”

Teeter believes there’s been a lot of growth when it comes to Giglio’s maturity since she joined Canisius as a sophomore. “Just as well as every other player that you see come in and go out as a totally different person,” Teeter said. In Taylor’s case, he believes a more confident individual, “she comes in confident but has a lot of pride in herself and the confidence adds that she knows that the sky’s the limit and that she can challenge herself and really, who knows where she’s going to end up?”

Giglio was always motivated by her teammates and she likes motivating others as a result of that. “I’d like to be remembered as a versatile player that can contribute in multiple different areas, and also hope that I contributed in my hard work and motivation in practice.”


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