Editorial: Everything old is new again

On 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, the last round of students will register for fall of 2016 classes, shaking off sleep as they squint to make sure that their PIN and CRNs are entered in correctly in order to prevent accidentally ending up in a biology class instead of the intended computer science course. All but the seniors are preparing for the life as undergraduates at Canisius next year. The Class of 2016, well, they’re either in denial, pretending that every day is completely normal and totally insignificant as they approach another totally insignificant day on May 21. Transitions are happening here at Canisius, and the change is inevitable. Some are sticking around here for graduate school, and they’ll be making a transition of their own. Some wonder, “Does this mean that I’m grown up?” (Answer: no). Others realize, “I have to start paying student loans in six months” with a shudder.

The club renewal process is live on Griff Link, and the first task of many of the 2016-2017 Executive Boards is to complete it, updating contact information for the Undergraduate Student Association as incoming Vice President for Student Organizations Jerry Daigler familiarizes himself with all of the clubs on campus. Executive Vice President-elect Tim Utz has just seen the faces of the Senate with which he’ll be working next year as they congregated in the Student Center lobby for a public announcement. Some are returning, others are not. We’ll see some new faces in Senate, and they’ll inevitably takeover the Executive Board in the years following, especially as Elias “Fenoose” Ayoub, Jeffrey Spencer, Jerry Daigler, Kate Anticoli, and Gina Trippe will all graduate next year, leaving Utz as the only officer with the ability to return if he so chooses. This new Senate will meet on Tuesday, hopefully coming in well under the record breaking six hour meeting that opened up the 2015-2016 session. Many agree that student government finally has a momentum on which it can build for next year, with the various initiatives taken on by this year’s Senate.

Other clubs will make large transitions as well. As Commuter Student Association President Eric Walsh graduates and begins his MBA here at Canisius and with Tori Yargeau (the president for the last two and a half years) walking across the stage as well, rising sophomore Annalyse Paulsen will take on the mantle. Current USA Diversity Chair and treasurer of UNITY Madelyn Reed takes over the gender and sexuality alliance as President, joined by fellow sophomores Emily Smith, Clayton Shanahan, Lydia Beinhauer, Jo Riso, and Robyn Gillum, therefore cementing a clear foundation of leadership for the next two years if all return to the Executive Board (Riso automatically becomes Treasurer next year, and so Gillum can choose to run for Comptroller once again or contest one of her classmates in order to return. The Student Programming Board will be switching over into having Event Assistants rather than a general body to help plan its signature events, and Chair Kate Anticoli will continue to work hand-in-hand with the  Undergraduate Student Association Executive Board. All of the section heads of this paper will also graduate as well. The Residence Hall Association will also have an incredibly young Executive Board, as returners’ roles are often limited by the fact that you must live on campus in order to serve, and nearly 50% of the student commute.

New Student Orientation will also make a transition as well. Orientation Assistants have become “Team Leaders,” and Phil Ciallela, the programs’ director, has worked to change the program almost completely, reinvigorating the introductory week before classes for new students. This began last year with the introduction of the Griffin Welcome Rally as it replaced the New Student Convocation of years’ past. The Griff Center for Academic Engagement will enter its third year, as will the Office of Student Life. While it for now seems as though we’re perhaps entering a period of stability for our offices on campus, summer inevitably leads to change, and so we can only wait to see what the new year will bring us.

The campus itself will look different once the griffin statue is installed in May, and the strategic plan has outlined a number of changes to campus over time, including, we can only hope, structural changes to the parking ramp and, who knows, maybe even the completion of Science Hall.

The campus is changing. The student body is shifting once again. The Class of 2018 is emerging even more prominently on campus, with leadership roles in most, if not all, major student organizations. The Class of 2017 will become the oldest on campus, and it’ll be to them that others look.

We’re told that this is normal, and yet, each year, it feels new again.


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