Canisius Athletics Forever Marred by “Small-School Mentality”

By Aaron Risploi

Assistant Sports Editor

I spoke to a player on the women’s lacrosse team this week and among the first things she uttered to me was: “We had all the momentum in that game. We had them rattled and now they have an entire month to prepare for us.” Of course, this individual was referring to the contest against number 4 Syracuse that was suspended this past Sunday due to the inclement weather with 6:05 remaining in regulation and the score tied 10-10.

This player did not explicitly tell me that Syracuse was the superior team, of course. Her profound timidness spoke volumes, though. Her grouse about the suspended game reflected far more than an aggravation that comes with having to reschedule a contest late in the season. It was reflective of the injurious attitude that is shared by some of our athletic teams. The view that Canisius cannot compete with the more prominent athletic programs in the country. The complacency of being good relative to MAAC teams but never striving to be more.

Canisius is a small school and the athletics department is quite modest. On the larger scale, Syracuse University will have more disposable income and will attract more highly touted recruits than Canisius. But in the heat of competition, both sides are in my view, equal.

I should point out that Syracuse did not accrue such athletic prowess because of divine providence. number 4 Syracuse is number 4 Syracuse because of their execution on the field game in and game out. Objectively speaking, Syracuse is the better team. This season, they have wins against number 13 Loyola, number 5 Northwestern and number 7 Duke. I am granted the ability to be objective because I am not on the women’s lacrosse team. But when you are a player or a coach, there is no room for objectivity or probabilities. number 4 Syracuse is merely another opponent and when the suspended game commences, it will be just another game.




  1. This article is a dumpster fire. Here’s your article boiled down: Canisius is small-time because I talked to a random women’s lacrosse player after the Canisius-Syracuse game was suspended. She didn’t say Canisius was small-time or that Syracuse was better, but her tone indicated her beliefs…

    Let’s completely ignore that Canisius tied a women’s lacrosse power and a school that has a 10x larger budget.

    I really hope your articles improve and that The Griffin holds its staff to a better standard.

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