Annual Mr. Canisius pageant hits Montante

By Sarah Sterzinger

Griffin Reporter

Buckle up, Griffins. It’s time for the throwdown of the year. The annual Mr. Canisius competition hosted by Residence Hall Association is finally upon us. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about (looking at you freshmen), Mr. Canis10155805_670160849792255_4576908824618874660_n.jpgius is a beauty pageant in which the greatest of the Canisius student body face off in a battle of wit and hip thrusting dance moves. Overall ticket sales along with other concessions, including t-shirts and mugs, are combined and the crowned Mr. Canisius gets to donate the sum to the charity of their choice. The Griffin was able to get the exclusive information on this year’s contestants.

Jacob Ducoli

Mr. RAPunzel has taken his name due to this luscious hair; boats have crashed into islands just to get the chance to maybe touch his hair of legend.  Mr. RAPunzel applied in order to be able to “rep Canisius in a fun way and show everyone how truly dysfunctional [he] is.” The Powerpuff Girls are his gym-spiration. If crowned, Jacob plans to donate to the Western New York Veterans Housing Coalition.

Conor Shea

Mr. ShowTopper’s namesake hails from the beautiful feeling following an amazing performance. Conor is a returning Mr. Canisius veteran, coming in third place last year, but the thirst for the crown was still too much and he’s coming back for more. An interesting fact used by Shea to instill fear into the hearts of his competition is that he played five sports in high school, and qualified in hurdles. If Shea leaps to the crown, his winnings will go to the Music Is Art Foundation.

Mike Haar

Mr. Manimal is bringing the wild side to the competition. “Animals are rad,” the ABEC major claimed.  Haar, being possibly the only person on the entire Canisius campus to answer emails, felt it was his “civic duty to fill out the application [for Mr. Canisius]”. Head’s up everyone, Haar is usually the first one to get sick due to his poor immune system, which is his strategy for keeping enemies away. An interesting tactic indeed in taking down the other Misters.  If Mr. Manimal survives through natural selection and is crown Mr. Canisius, his money will be going to the Pet Emergency Fund.

Paula Uruburok

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we have a Mr. Canisius first. It’s Mr. First Lady, our first ever female contestant. She applied to the pageant because “ at first [she] just wanted to see what would happen if a woman applied. Then, for [her] it turned into sending a message to our campus, and that regardless of your gender or sexual identity, students can and should participate, as well as know they’re part of the Canisius family, and that they’re loved regardless of who they are.” An interesting fact about Uruburok is that she’s spoken to President Barack Obama on the phone. That’s right, folks, he thanked her for all her volunteer work and encouraged her to “keep kicking butt.” If Uruburok claims the crown, she plans to donate the raised funds to the Evergreen Health Services.

Andrew Scibilia

Next, we have Mr. Guitar Hero himself. Scibilia has mastered Guitar Hero 3 and can even play the actual instrument, sans the colored buttons. Scibilia decided to one day, in a moment of extreme boredom, to sign his name on the golden line of the Mr. Canisius application. Luck was on his side over Winter break, as he was chosen to be part of the most cutthroat competition on campus. If he wins, Scibilia plans to drown in peach slices and donate his money to the Special Olympics.

Lee Locklear

Step back. We’ve got one last one. Mr. SPB(yonce) is bringing the sass. As the former leader of the pageant, the spotlight’s siren song finally called him to get on stage himself. Locklear’s brains are definitely a threat to the other competitors, as he earned an associate’s degree while still in high school. This bright one will be donating all his winning money to Camp Good Days.
The Griffin was unable to contact Rashawn Pope for comment, so you’ll have to attend Mr. Canisius to find out more about this mysterious contender. All of these fierce competitors will be gettin’ giggy with it in the Montante Cultural Center on Saturday, April 9 at 7 p.m.. There will be blood, sweat, tears, and lip sync battles. Don’t miss out on what’s sure to be the one of the most memorable pageants in Mr. Canisius history.


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