Alternative favorites team up to rock Buffalo

By Janelle Harb

Features Editor

With Buffalo quickly becoming a city on the rise, it comes to no surprise that it has become a popular destination for various concerts and events.  On March 28, your favorite bands, Silversun Pickups, Cage the Elephant, Foals, and Bear Hands, frequently heard on Alt Buffalo 107.7, will be joining forces at the First Niagara Center as part of the Spring Fling AF Tour 2016.  The tour kicked off on March 11 in Fresno, California, and will be taking its final bow on April 1 in Providence, Rhode Island.  0323norfolk-cage-500x500-7875f1d48a.jpg

“The tour’s been great,” says Joe Lester, bassist for Silversun Pickups, “we’re old friends with Cage the Elephant, we toured with them years and years ago, so it’s nice to reconnect with them.”  Cage the Elephant is no stranger to Buffalo, as the band has already been part of Alternative Buffalo’s Kerfuffle summer 2014 lineu
p.  As the headliner for the tour, the band has recently released its new album, “Tell Me I’m Pretty” with its lead single “Mess Around” already amassing 1 million views on YouTube and completely taking over airwaves and Instagram captions alike.

“I think something that definitely has to be said about this tour is about all the bands, because there’s a cohesiveness to all four of us,” Lester continued, “So the crowds are really up for it and they know what to expect and what they’re getting.  Whereas at a festival show or opening for some huge band in an arena, the fans are there for a specific reason, and you’re opening so you’ve got a lot more to prove, here, everyone is familiar with us so it’s been easier.”

Silversun Pickups has also recently released their fourth album,
“Better Nature” to great success with singles “Nightlight” and “Circadian Rhythm” quickly gaining traction.  “We’ve been together for almost 15 years, and we were all friends before, so because of that we can really focus on who the band is, and what it does has all stayed pretty strong,” Lester continued, “Our music has changed, but the core of the band has always stayed the same.”

Amongst the lineup hailing from Oxford, England is indie rock band, Foals.  “We started off touring in a little van,” explains Walter Gervers, bassist for Foals, “for years and years, now we’re slightly more luxurious.  We’ve got a bus now, and those are a bit bigger.  It’s taken a long time but we’re getting there.”  Last summer, Foals released its latest album “What Went Down” to much critical acclaim, as well as lead single “Mountain At My Gates” achieving over 5 million views on YouTube to date.  On their unique sound, Gervers explained that “We’re always inspired by seeing other bands on the road, they bring this fresh perspective so we take a lot of that home.”

“We’ve played with Cage the Elephant before and they’ve been really cool,” Gervers stated, “also we’ve done shows with Silversun Pickups, Bear Hands, and the like, it’s just a really good gang, the bands compliment each other so it’s a pretty decent bill.  We’re a bit further down than usual, but it kind of takes the pressure off for a while.”

Closing the stacked lineup is post-punk rock band Bear Hands.  The band released its debut album “Burning Bush Supper Club” in 2010, to much success, and immediately fell into tours with many indie giants, such as Passion Pit.  In 2014, the band could be heard on most radio stations with their hit “Giants” coming from their second
album, “Distraction.”  Most recently, the band has announced its new album “You’ll Pay For This” set to be out everywhere April 15.

Don’t miss out on the Spring Fling AF Tour 2016 coming to Buffalo on March 28 in the First Niagara Center, featuring all of your favorite alternative bands. 100-200 level are $29.50 with general admission estimated at $39.50.  The concert is sure to be an unforgettable experience with this lineup of alternative rock giants rarely to be seen together again.


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