To An Unsung School Club

By Branwyn Wilkinson

Opinion Contributor

Freshman orientation. For some of us, it was years ago, for others, just a few months. But I am sure we all remember well those four, hectic days that attempted to acclimate us to the next four years of our lives.

We set up our rooms, met our classmates, and spent a lot of time walking around campus. All of these undoubtedly had an impact on our experience here, but so did one more activity: the club fair. Canisius has a multitude of clubs, and the club fair is every Freshman’s opportunity to see what our college has to offer.

Some clubs on campus are much more visible than others. You know the ones. The clubs that host events and retreats, or those with colorful club room doors, or even those that just send out a ton of e-mails. These are the clubs that are mentioned to prospective students as a draw for the  school.

Other clubs on campus, though, are not as well known, despite the important role they play in the Canisius community, like the Pep Band, and other school spirit based clubs. Most students have seen what they can do, but they still do not know that much about them.

Many students, unless they know a member of the Pep Band, do not realize the time and dedication that goes into being a part of this group. If you have been to a sports event, you have likely heard the Pep Band.

They go to almost every home game for both men and women’s basketball, and hockey. And these games are a time commitment: three hours for the band as a whole, and four for those who play percussion. Games take place on weekend evenings, and sometimes even week nights, times that some would rather spend with friends, or would want to use to work on homework. Instead they are at the games, supporting Canisius’ athletes.

Going to a Canisius game is about more than just the game itself. It’s about community, and showing off our spirit. That’s the point of C-Block, those students who fill the student section to cheer and keep team spirit strong.

It’s important to remember we have student organizations like the Pep Band, Dance Griffs, and cheerleaders to thank for the hype too. Live music and performances are definitely a crucial component. They certainly make time-outs and period-breaks more enjoyable. Plus, how many other small schools have live music at their games? The Pep Band is unique to Canisius.

The Pep Band helps the cheerleaders start their cheers, and when C-Block is not around, or is low on members, they are the student section. Plus, according to my friend Olivia, a member of the Band, the group always has positive energy, and it’s a lot of fun. Even though it’s a time commitment, it’s worth it.

Pep Band’s music ups the energy of Canisius fans, and the energy of Canisius fans can up the performance of Canisius athletes. Succeeding as a Division I school does not rest on the shoulders of the athletes alone. It also rests on the support of the students who are there to cheer their classmates on.

The members of Pep Band, Dance Griffs, and the cheerleaders have made a commitment to being those students at Canisius. They help make our team better, and they keep people coming out to games. They may not be as well known as other clubs on campus, but there is no doubt about their importance to our Canisius spirit.


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