The purple roadblock

By Dominic Chamberlain

Sports Editor

This won’t be the most riveting column I have ever written but I wanted to address this. When was the last time our men’s basketball, women’s basketball and hockey teams all kicked off their conference tournaments on the same weekend against their biggest rivals?

That’s insane to me and it needs to be discussed both the good and the bad.

Let’s look at the good. Three of our team’s have the opportunity to play the school’s biggest rival to kick off their post-seasons. The momentum boost from winning those games would be massive and would only go to help them make deeper runs.

It seems that every post-season in professional sports, at least one team plays their “rival”. think back to the Red Wings and Avalanche of the early 2000s or the Rangers and Islanders more recently and dare I mention the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry that featured an over-hyped bloody sock.

The path forward often goes through one’s rival. Two of those aforementioned teams went on to win championships, one did not after beating their rival.

That’s one negative; sometimes even though you get a boost from beating a rival, you don’t always ride it out until the end.

And in the Griffs case, the Purple Eagles aren’t exactly good teams. All three of their teams finished towards the bottom of the standings so even if we do win, how much will we really get from it?

And there is the other conundrum; will we win? The Women’s basketball team didn’t win. There is no boost from this only disappointment. The season is over.

The men’s team however beat the Purple Eagles, 102-97. Yes you read that college basketball score right.

We don’t know what will happen with hockey yet. They have a best of three series to play against the rivals.

The worst part is although Niagara didn’t beat us in the regular season for those three sports, they ended our women’s team season in the tournament; they get to play while we watch. That’s the worst part.

At the very least the two games so far have been very entertaining, the women lost by only one point and the men had a triple overtime thriller for their win. At least the games are close.

So we will see if the hockey team can follow the men’s basketball team’s lead. Hopefully both games don’t go into three overtimes but if that what it takes to win, then I’ll take it.


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