Iggy’s adds changes to alcohol policy and menu

By Nathan Ress
Griffin Reporter

On 23 Oct., the on-campus eatery known as Iggy’s will be implementing a series of new policies that high-level Chartwells figures hope will change the face of the restaurant as well as take it in an exciting, new direction. The restaurant will be changing its alcohol policy, loosening the restrictions on students, as well as rearranging the seating and overall atmosphere of the environment. Director of Dining Services John Tychinski hopes that these new changes will give students an entirely new experience, something that places emphasis on community as well as a great dining environment.

Tychinski notes that the source of this change came from the student body itself. Many students were unhappy with the restrictive policies regarding drinks, as well as smaller inconveniences in arrangement and service. This student feedback then traveled up the latter, was considered by administrators, and acted upon. The basis of this change is in Iggy’s alcohol policy and is as follows: the policy previously allowed for of-age students to purchase one drink per hour, to a maximum of three per day. The new policy provides students two drinks per hour to a maximum of four per day.

Tychinski acknowledges that the previous policy was a bit too harsh, and is happy with the new direction. However, he stresses that this change extends to far more than just the alcohol policy at this on campus eatery. The change will be all encompassing, and hopes to allow a shift in the dynamic of the restaurant. Tychinski hopes that by rearranging the layout of the restaurant a more informal pub-like feel will take root. This is furthered by the addition of an actual bar on the wall opposite the main ordering area.

This bar will allow students a place to congregate and dine. It will feature its own cash register where drinks can be purchased, and a full-time bartender. In addition, the service at the bar is not limited only to alcohol. It will also feature various non-carbonated drinks, and freshly blended smoothies. Furthermore, students may order from the bar and their food will be brought out to them.

This new bar area also features two prominent televisions that will be tuned to sporting events, both professional, and Canisius College. In cooperation with these games, Iggy’s will offer special deals on appetizers and beverages for the duration of the game, “similar to a happy hour,” says Tychinski. These specials will feature $2 appetizers and $3 drinks, a discount from the usual $3.69 price point for both drinks and appetizers. The appetizer menu mentioned has been freshly created for this new feature of Iggy’s. Once again according to student feedback, this menu features absolutely no fried food. Instead it focuses on a healthier layout featuring such items as hummus dishes and stuffed mushrooms.

With this new policy and direction for the restaurant, Tychinski hopes Iggy’s can become an on-campus hub for Canisius students. He cites the drawing feature of Iggy’s as being it’s solely Canisius student dining, and now pub, experience. Tychinksi also looks to the new trend of Thursdays at Iggy’s (the new location for Thursdays in the quad) for a boost in the popularity of the restaurant. He hopes that the changes as well as various sporting, and on campus events will propel Iggy’s to the center of Canisius dining options.

Tychinski also urges students to continue to be vocal in their feedback regarding the program and its policies. He recognizes the students as the driving force behind the changes, and looks forward to further cooperation between students and administrators to make progress. He notes that the program is still young, and though he is excited for it, it will be the students who truly define the experience.


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