On the Wing: Does God care about your team?

By: Aaron Rispoli

Assistant Sports Editor

When Tyrod Taylor took the field last Sunday afternoon for the Bills final drive, down 40-32, did you utter a prayer? Did you take out your rosary, dust off your Bibles and pray to your God? I would be willing to bet you said something along the lines of: Lord, if you let the Bills win today, I will dedicate my entire being to you.The Bills went on to lose and thus you are still as unholy as ever.

When the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Green Bay Packers in last years NFC championship, Russell Wilson was quick to accredit God for the win. Following Green Bays win versus Seattle this past Sunday, Aaron Rodgers poked fun at Russell Wilson by making the assertion that God was a Packers fan tonight. So, which is it? Is God a Seahawks fan or a Packers fan? Tom Brady did win his appeal so, is it possible that he could be a fan of the New England Patriots? Oh what great horror it is to think of our all benevolent father as a Patriots fan.

As an athlete at Canisius College, a Jesuit institution, I would love Gods favor when we compete against schools like Cornell, for example. I do believe the vast majority of my team is Christian by way of one denomination or another. So, why is it that we lose to a team like Syracuse, for instance? If it is a matter of talent, then how come we are not as physically gifted? God? I would like to know!

According to a 2015 study by the Public Religion Research Institute, 53 percent of Americans believe that God rewards faithful athletes with promising results. And more than one-quarter of Americans and sports fans say God directly determines the outcome of specific games. And so I would like to pose the question: Does God care about Canisius College athletics? Will the wrath of God come in the form of a loss this weekend as some members chose not to attend Mass? Oh, the nerve of some individuals. Surely, those are grounds for termination. I implore you to repent now. The success of our sports teams depend on it.

In reality, God doesnt care very much about the Bills (I know, blasphemy) or Canisius College athletics. My guess is that He rewards people in ways outside of athletics for reasons not pertaining to athletics. But, if God did like sports, he would most certainly bless the New York Yankees this Octoberplease?


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