Imuse Itamah’s hip-hop saga

By UT Etim

Assistant Features Editor

Prior to the end of the summer break, one of our own, Imuse “Musmah” Itamah, Class of ’17, released his EP, a prelude to his mixtape which will be out next year. This EP features four tracks; Sadé, Californication, Mississauga and Maitama in that order. The EP was produced by David Angel while the cover art pieces were by Daryll “Kwvku” Otten. I had the opportunity to listen to all four tracks and I have to say that it is different and lovely overall. Be it at home, in solitude, or in a crowd one can easily vibe to it. The EP gives a fresh perspective to hip-hop with the infusion of African percussion instruments.

In Sadé, Musmah finds out that his girlfriend has been unfaithful and as a result sets off to Mississauga to even the score. There he meets Sadé. As he and Sadé hookup, he tries to convince her to keep their arrangement a secret as he is still in a standing relationship. In Californication, Musmah realizes that he has grown attached to her and even calls for her, trying to convince her to become his girlfriend. We can infer that he has possibly ended his previous relationship. He asks her several times to become his girlfriend as he doesn’t wish to settle for “no” as a final response. In Mississauga, Sadé finally agrees and the song talks about both he and Sadé getting high and making love. Finally Maitama, titled after a district in Nigeria’s capital city Abuja. On this track Musmah is chilling with his boys downtown wildin’, drawing from the experiences of the past weekend and his childhood spent in both Abuja and Kaduna (a state as well as city in Nigeria).

Since the moment I got the link to this EP, I have to admit I have been dancing or at the very least tap my feet to. Grab a bottle of wine or hard liquor as the case may be, a juicebox for those of you who are underage, find a comfortable position, and listen intently, and let the rhythm take you away. If you love a blend of Drake, The Weeknd and Nigeria’s very own Davido and Wizkid, this EP is for you. It’s available on soundcloud for all those interested in listening to it and further understand the vibes and emotions that punctuate the EP, because it is worth every second. Just search for Musmah Itamah.


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