Enough is enough with sport culture

By: Aaron Rispoli

Assistant Sports Editor

Allow me to pose a few questions: Why do athletes insist on putting themselves in the headlines

for all of the wrong reasons? Why do male athletes, in particular, insist on a culture of

misogyny? Is it a matter of entitlement, liken it to the pride of a lion. One must exemplify his

manliness with crude acts, crass comments and unwarranted candor. Is masculinity firmly rooted

in a culture predicated on incessant “Hey what’s up” texts and the amount of alcoholic beverages

one can consume before utter despair sets in?

I am an athlete, yes. I am a male, yes. And, for what it’s worth, I am a heterosexual male. And

yet, I find myself to be one of the only male athletes keenly aware of the inexorable transition

that male athletes are undergoing from respectable, law-abiding citizens to social pariahs. Allow

me to spew some facts for you, from studies conducted from the Benedict/Crosset study. A three

year study shows that while male student-athletes comprise 3.3 percent of the population and of that

3.3 percent, white male student-athletes represent 19% of sexual assault perpetrators and 35 percent of

domestic violence perpetrators. 20 percent of college football recruits in the Top 25 Division I teams

have criminal records. A college rapist has raped, on average, seven times before they are


“Enough is Enough,” is a law that was passed by New York State on July, 7th 2015. It is a law

that requires all colleges, both public and private, to reform their guidelines concerning sexual

assault. It also requires colleges to adopt a uniform definition of consent, because, evidently,

people need even more clarity. Allow me to implore all of my fellow male athletes to engage in

consensual sex, only. Consensual sex is when both parties agree on the act of sex, with no

surprises (akin to Fifty Shades of Grey). Both parties are allowed to withdraw from the act at any


I am not asserting that athletes all athletes are bad individuals, most are not, but asserting that a

few are. I am asserting that a culture that delicately strokes the egos of athletes directly

contributes to their conduct on those late Friday nights. This is a call to all male athletes, to

reverse this growing trend, to spurn those athletes who choose to abuse their position rather than

use it to reach the very apogee of community. I am an athlete and for once, I would like to be

proud of it.


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