Metro Adventures 14: the last adventure

by Jordan Alston


Darling readers, it seems we have reached the end of our metro adventures. I hate to see you go, but it’s been a grand time, hasn’t it? We’ve seen a lot of weird sights, had even weirder experiences, and laughed the whole way. Riding the metro end to end has been an interesting escapade, and I hope it’s been fun for you too. Many of these stops have brought about pretty fascinating stories, and I’m a bit sad to see it come to an end, but it’s been a blast. Man oh man, what a time we’ve had. And this is it, loyal reader, so let’s make our last trip the best.

University really rounds out the metro line, ending at the University at Buffalo South Campus. There is an eclectic mix of shops at University, many of which have been the scene of countless adventures of mine over the four years I’ve lived here. Several times a month I find myself over there, whether it’s to stop by Wendy’s for a well deserved frosty (after a hard day of being a student), or going to McDonald’s (which I am no longer able to go to because of reasons that are not important), or just heading to the plaza nearby for various needs.

Fact of the matter is, there is a little too much going on at University for me to put into one article. You can walk ten minutes in any direction around the stop and find something satisfying to do, and I really can’t put into words all the excitement one area holds, but I’ll give it the old college try.

Like I previously mentioned, there is a Wendy’s there. There is also a Wendy’s in the exact opposite direction down Main Street; neither of these Wendy’s is particularly special, but I like their fries so I feel like they deserve a nod. Also previously mentioned was a McDonald’s, which I have made a few stops at, and they have particularly nice shamrock shake signs. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been inside but I’ve used the drive thru many a time, and it’s always been pretty efficient.

The only other thing at University that is of note is the cinema, the Amherst Theatre. They show mostly artsy, pretty nondescript films, but it’s a cute little area. When I reviewed movies I would go there from time to time, and I liked their atmosphere.

In all, this stop is a great end to a good adventure. There’s so much to do over here that this is actually a pretty good place to spend a lazy afternoon. I know I’ve said it in previous articles, but I’ve meant it every time, this time included. Almost every stop on the metro line has something fun to offer, whether it’s a little restaurant to grab a bite with friends, or just running a few quick errands. There is so much you can do at just one stop, I don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t at least spend the day just going somewhere. So, I hope I’ve in some way made the metro interesting for you, and maybe you’ll be able to make plans this weekend. It’s been real.


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