Uncertainty mars incoming Executive Board: Walsh resigns, Trippe mulls future

by Kevin Daley

News Editor

Business and Finance Vice President Elect Eric Walsh submitted his resignation to the Undergraduate Student Association Tuesday night, while another executive board officer mulls her future in student government.

Walsh, who ran unopposed and was elected less than a month ago, wrote a brief statement which was delivered by President-elect Rich Kubiak, currently finishing his term as USA’s chief financial officer. Walsh cited personal reasons as the impetus behind the surprise move. “Due to unexpected and unfortunate circumstances concerning my family I have decided that it would be best to resign from the position and allow a new candidate to take over, who can give this position the ample time, effort, and attention that it deserves,” the statement read.

“I spent a lot of time weighing this decision and am reluctant to forgo the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of people to serve the students over the next year,” it continued.

“It was an interesting turn of events,” junior Senator Darby Ratliff told the Griffin.

USA will select a new Business and Finance Vice President through a standard appointment process, most commonly used to fill vacant Senate seats. Executive Vice President-elect Elias “Fenoose” Ayoub will solicit applications in the coming days, which are then reviewed by members of the organization. Applicants will appear before a sitting of the Senate on Tuesday April 28, at which point the will offer brief remarks and answer a battery of questions from senators.

After evaluating applications and the question-and-answer session, the Executive Board will convene and recommend a candidate to the Senate. The Senate will then vote on the recommendation in a straight up-or-down vote. Should the recommendation carry, the applicant will assume the vacant office. If the recommendation fails, the Executive Board will reconvene and make a new recommendation to the Senate.

Sources close to the process say sophomore Senator Jack McGuire and junior Senator Steve Kawalerski are seriously considering filing applications.

Walsh may not be the only officer to depart Kubiak’s Executive Board. Communications Vice President Gina Trippe may also step down in the coming months. Trippe was recently accepted to the College’s study abroad program in London, and may resign to pursue the opportunity.

“I’m honored to have been elected to this position in USA. I’m very passionate and the idea of having to give it up even for just half of the year is heartbreaking,” Trippe told the Griffin. “I’ve been given a couple very unique opportunities and it will be no easy choice.”

For his part, the incoming president is not concerned by the uncertainty marring next year’s executive board, telling the Griffin he is confident it will not inhibit his ability to govern effectively.

“I believe next year will be the most successful year in the history of student government here at Canisius,” Kubiak said. “There are many very passionate and dedicated students hoping to be elected next week and I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with them all.”


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