The hottest team on campus

by Dominic Chamberlain

Sports Reporter

You may or may not know this but the women’s lacrosse team is good; really good when it comes to winning the MAAC Championship.

Is women’s lacrosse the most popular sport on campus? Probably not, but it should be with how successful it is. Let’s start with the past shall we?

The Griffs have won four MAAC championships in a row. That is pure domination of the MAAC and its time people treat the sport with the respect it deserves.

If you break that four-peat down game by game, some games are closer than others but four consecutive MAAC titles is the most impressive streak on campus by far. It may be hard to get excited about the other sports right now with some teams struggling to pick up wins, but the Griffs women’s lacrosse team haven’t slowed down at all.

The Griffs are 5-0 in the MAAC on their quest for five in a row and have all but secured a spot in this year’s MAAC championship with only three conference games remaining. Their play in the MAAC is spectacular with the Griffs either dominating opponents or scoring in the double digits in the games you can call close.

I mean if we want to be technical the Griffs have had double-digit goal totals in every conference game. That is just flat out impressive although if you look more closely they aren’t some invulnerable beast that can’t be taken down.

The Griffs have played three different nationally ranked opponents in four games; each game didn’t end well for the Griffs. All four games were losses and all those games the Griffs lost handedly. To be fair, losing to a team like Syracuse, who has been a powerhouse in both men’s and women’s lacrosse for years, can’t be something to be ashamed about. The MAAC is no place for the same competition the teams like Syracuse receive on a regular basis but for the Griffs to take the next step they will have to find a way to win those teams but for now let’s be happy with the MAAC domination.

Should the Griffs find a way to win the fifth MAAC championship that would break the tie between the Griffs and former MAAC team LeMoyne for the most MAAC championships of all time. So in addition to having the most dominant team on campus there is a chance that this Griffs team could make MAAC history by the time this season is done.

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