Spring Fest rebranded: Savoy overhauls high holy day

by Jourdan LaBarber and Kevin Daley

Editor-in-Chief and News Editor

Student Programming Board officers disseminated an email last week pronouncing the end of Spring Fest, the rechristened Quad Party which marks the formal end of the school year. After several hours of social media histrionics, a follow up missive announced the launch of a new high holy day: Griff Fest.

Griff Fest planing has been a comprehensive effort involving SPB officers and Student Life staffers including senior Neil Savoy, a programming veteran intimately involved in year-end event planning since 2012, Student Life Graduate Assistant Meagan Allers, and Assistant Director of Student Life Beth Crvelin. Residence Life Director Matt Mulville, and Student Affairs Vice President Dr. Terri Mangione have also been included in discussions since the start of the academic year.

Unlike recent years, the proceedings will take place in the parking lot behind the Village Townhouses. In late March, the College informed Savoy and his Student Life confidants that the lawn adjacent to Lyons Hall, the Pelennor Field upon which students spill memories and frothy beers, would not be available for use. The Koessler Athletic Center was briefly entertained as a possible venue, though administrators ultimately decided against the alternative citing security concerns. Though relocation to the KAC is a long-term goal for the event, Savoy and the Office of Student Life are confident the Village parking lot can accommodate the event.

Savoy and Company commissioned a focus group and survey, which solicited over 600 responses, on improvements to the events, whose shenanigans often take place outside the parameters of student sponsored events. Savoy is confident the student-centric approach will continue to enhance an already treasured tradition.

“The survey was an incredible success and gave us a road map for planning this year’s event,” Savoy told the Griffin.

The results of that survey helped dictate a set of musical acts that Savory described “as not only talented, but affordable.” Griff Fest will serve as a Buffalo music festival of sorts, with four live local acts set to perform: Made Violent, The Tins, Acqueous, and The Albrights. All four of the acts can be found on YouTube and Spotify.

Additional food options have been added to this year’s event as well in an effort to appeal to those looking for healthier options. Greek on the Street, a Buffalo food truck, will serve Greek chicken and veggie wraps and R&R BBQ will serve macaroni and cheese in addition to their pulled pork and brisket sandwiches. In regards to activities, the decision was made to cut the Ferris wheel in favor of more carnival games and inflatables.

As for the theme of the event, Savoy says it’s “everything Canisius.”

“I hope to see students wearing all the blue gold available to them,” he said. “I hope to see faces painted and spirits soaring. Because think about it, who doesn’t love Canisius?”



  1. This Griff Fest promises to be the best Quad Party in decades.

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