Senior Ball: Why is it so expensive?

Dearest Seniors,

Most of my friends are seniors. Thus, we can resonate with this simple question: Why the hell is senior ball so damn expensive?

Upon receiving the email from Student Life earlier this week, there was hope. Disney? All right, we can work with that theme. That should be good. Reading through the outline of events, all seemed to be good. Then, Thursday’s itinerary was arrived upon.

Thursday, May 14: Senior Ball

Location: Hyatt Downtown

6 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Your ticket to this evening includes your meal, a drink ticket, a voucher for a professionally printed on-site photo, and an evening of dancing.


Meal, drink, photo, dancing? Good. Price … $50 … Uhm. what? Did I read that right? Yup. I did. It definitely says 50 freaking bucks. Canisius is full of poor college students. While $50 doesn’t actually sound too absurd for a night of open bar fun, that is not what we are promised.

We are promised one drink. For those of us taking dates, it would not be odd if we were to also cover the cost of that ticket. Even further, we can even expect to pay for the date’s dinner. So, if any of us are taking dates, we can probably expect at least $150 of cost before drinks at the dance. This seems a little excessive.

Why then, does it cost so much? What is driving the cost of such an event? Why, as seniors who have spent anywhere from $0 to ~$160,000, should we be charged an extra $50 just to go to an event we have surely earned? Shouldn’t there be some sort of reparations for our four years of hard work and cold cash? Apparently not, or so the flyer tells the Griffin.

With the bringing of the Commencement Ceremony back on campus, one would think that Canisius saved enough money to pay for a senior ball. Apparently not? What else does it take to get a senior ball for free? We no longer have a super fancy venue for Commencement. Hell, we don’t even have enough room for everyone: we have to offer alternate viewing points. Is this not payment enough?

No, it is not. Yet again, Canisius has found some way to charge us money. Thanks for the parting gift.


Old and Disgruntled, Class of ‘15


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