Quinn’s career one for the record books

by Robert Janish Jr.

Sports Reporter

From her days in high school to what is now her final season of collegiate lacrosse, senior attacker Tori Quinn has always been an impactful player on the field. She attended Orangeville District in Ontario, Canada before committing to Canisius. While a member of her high school squad, she was team captain and led them to three provincial championships.

When Quinn committed to Canisius and joined the women’s lacrosse team in 2012, she joined her older sister Carly, who was in the midst of her senior season.

Quinn committed to Canisius because she saw an up-and-coming program here. “They won the MAAC championship for the first time before I came to school,” she said. “I just wanted to come here and keep growing with that up-and-coming program and hopefully make a difference.”

Coach Scott Teeter said that he knew he was getting “two very disciplined players” in Tori and Carly Quinn. “They’re competitors that play at a highest level and have a great lacrosse mind.”

Teeter adds an important factor in Tori’s play was the fact that her sister redshirted a season, and as a result, given them an opportunity to play together at Canisius. “After moving her on the weak side with Carly, she got to learn from her sister on the inner parts of the game.”

Her sister would go on to clinch the record for career points in women’s lacrosse to close out her career. From that day on, Tori was playing in her sister’s shadow. However, like her sister, Tori knew what it took to be successful in college and she has done just that on the field throughout her career at Canisius.

From the very beginning, Quinn wanted to go to a college in which she could make an impact. “Coming to Canisius, I definitely wanted to find a role for myself right away.”

Even way back in her freshman season, Tori Quinn was already quite successful at the sport she loves playing, and already playing an important role at the collegiate level. That year, Quinn earned 25 points, including 20 goals in 19 games played, nine of which were starts.

Senior Tori Greco believes that things began to change for Quinn once Teeter put her behind the net with her older sister Carly.

“Carly helped her out a lot, and she pushed Tori to her fullest, and Tori was able to push Carly to her fullest, and Carly was intimidated by her because she was a young up-and-comer for this team.”

After her sister graduated, Quinn knew she had big shoes to fill, and has been able to play an important role on the team since and has come in behind the net and tried to fill her spot.

After the conclusion of the season, her sister graduated and Tori would only get better with experience. Her sophomore season resulted in an astounding 79 points, which consisted of 47 goals and 32 helpers. When Quinn entered her third season of lacrosse at Canisius, she knew her capabilities to contribute to her team in any way. That spring, she would prove to do nothing but that, tallying 47 goals yet again, along with 24 assists to earn 71 points her junior season.

Greco said that Tori is thinking about her sport all the time “and she wants us to think about it as much as she does.” Greco adds that family is a priority for Tori, as she remains in contact with her sister every day and talking about lacrosse as well.

Quinn says her sister was very beneficial to her, due to her wide range of knowledge of lacrosse, and was “teaching me little baby steps quickly, basically every little thing she was critical on and it would really help me in the long run.”

Quinn explained that when she first started at Canisius, she played in the middle area of the field, but was switched to an attacker and go behind the net. “The speed of the game is a lot quicker, so I had to adjust to that.”

Quinn’s senior season is yet another example of the abilities she has when it comes to the game of lacrosse. After playing 13 games this season, she has amassed 52 points this season, including 30 goals. As her point total continued to climb, she was inching closer and closer to her sister Carly’s record for career points, which stood at 203.

When the team played MAAC opponent Quinnipiac in their first game of the season, she broke her sister Carly’s record for career points in club history.

Quinn added that her sister knew she was close, and “if anyone broke her record, she wanted it to be me.” She said that, along with her sister, “both of us have made a huge impact in the sport for Canisius and for this program.”

Greco says that after her sister left, Tori had no one to truly look to, “but as the years kept going, now she’s the big sister teaching us.”

Tori is so proud of what her sister accomplished here, and now she is setting the records for the future lacrosse players coming to Canisius that want to accomplish what she has.

Greco said that Quinn would love to go out in the best way she can, and finish the season as strong as we can, and “remembering this as the best time of our lives.”

“It’s all about heart,” Teeter said when referring to Tori’s determination on the field. Teeter said when her sister raised the bar, “Tori set that as a goal, and knew she wanted to break her sister’s record.”

However, he stresses that people overlook the minor statistics she excels in (turnovers, groundballs, etc.). Overall, Teeter views his star player as an offensive player who excels on the defensive side of the field as well. “She’s a game-changer and wants the ball.”

Teeter says she is a team leader and earned the respect of her peers as a result of the leadership qualities that she possesses. “She leads on the field, and she leads off the field as well too, he added.” He added that the teammates view Quinn as a big sister because of her incredible leadership role.

Teeter adds that Quinn has had such amazing individual stats, and after reaching 200 career points, she is now reaching a point almost unattainable in the future. “It might be unreachable for freshman to come in and start and contribute right away and take jobs from upperclassmen.”

“Work ethic is something that Canisius has always possessed, and I don’t want that to ever go away.” Quinn said that they’re a gritty team, and for young players to come in, she hopes they can keep it going in the future. Looking back on her career, she feels “that fight and drive is really what I want to leave behind.”


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