The health benefits of tea

by Kaila Proulx

Healthy Helper

As much as we’d like to think spring is here, the temperatures say otherwise. Since it’s still chilly out I don’t think tea season has quite ended yet. In fact, drinking tea all year round is great way to sneak some extra nutrients into your diet. There are many different kinds out there and each variety boasts it’s own specific health benefits. Here are just some of the positive effects you can feel by including a cup of tea in your day.

Green High concentrations of ECGC (a polyphenol that is therapeutic for a number of disorders), high in antioxidants, prevents artery clogging, burns fat, stress reducing properties, improves cholesterol levels

White Less processed, has anti-cancer properties, lowest caffeine content, high in theanine (an amino acid), promotes mental and physical relaxation, improves mood, reduces anxiety, boosts the immune system and increases concentration

Black Highest caffeine content, may reduce stroke risk, protects lungs from second-hand smoke and air pollutants

Pu-erh Aids weight loss, lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol, similar antioxidant properties to green tea,

Herbal Support restful sleep, reduce congestion, caffeine-free, high in infection-fighting characteristics

Oolong Lowers LDL cholesterol, lowers blood sugar, reduces plaque in the arteries, lowers cholesterol, boosts metabolism, strengthens the immune system

Not sure where to start? Here are a few of my favorite teas. All of them are all-natural and have no added sweeteners.

Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride-Celestial Seasonings

The scent of this tea smells just like freshly baked cookies and I love the subtle sweet taste it has. It’s a very light, mild tea and the more you let it sleep the more flavorful it becomes.

Roastaroma-Celestial Seasonings

If any of you are coffee lovers, this tea is for you! It tastes like the most perfect, creamy, sweet cup of coffee or latte you’ve ever had. No sweeteners needed at all! It’s got a subtle coffee flavor, with hints of cocoa, cinnamon, and carob.

Candy Cane Lane-Celestial Seasonings

This is a delicious green tea that is perfectly minty without being too overpowering. It gives me that nice, cool sensation in my throat and has none of the bitterness that traditional green tea has. You can also let it steep with the whole time you’re drinking it without the flavor becoming too strong. Tastes like a peppermint candy!

Carrot Curry-Numi Organic

Savory tea? Yes it exists! The carrot curry flavor from Numi is especially delicious. It tastes like a freshly made bowl of soup and is the perfect accompaniment to a savory meal. I love the strong curry flavor mixed with the sweetness of the carrots. It’s also slightly salty so you feel like you’re drinking a rich broth! Numi has several other savory flavors that are pretty delicious as well.

Chocolate Pu-erh-Numi Organic

This tea tastes like hot chocolate. It is incredibly rich and chocolatey tasting despite having no natural or artificial flavors and NO SWEETENERS. It gets all of its flavor from pure, natural ingredients. The more you let this tea steep the creamery it seems to taste.

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