Police brutality continues, public enraged

by Alexis Book

Lifestyle Contributor

It seems as though every time a case about police brutality ends, another quickly surfaces. Most recently Walter Scott of South Carolina was shot to death by North Charleston officer Michael Slager. With Scott pronounced dead the story originally lacked two sides and only the officer’s side was shared.

According to Slager, on the morning of April 4, 2015, he pulled over Scott in his Mercedes because it had broken taillight. At some point an argument broke out between the two and during this time things had escalated to the point where Scott had taken his taser, causing him to fear for his own safety. As a defense mechanism Slager shot Scott in the back multiple times and then handcuffed him to the ground. Under these pretenses the officer was in the clear under grounds that he had been practicing self-defense. However, this wasn’t the case. On April 7 a bystander by the name of Feidin Santana released a video that he had taped of the encounter, revealing what had actually happened.

As seen in the video, suspect Scott is seen running away from Slager with nothing in hand, as he is running Slager releases fire on him, shooting him. After inspecting Scott’s body, Slager is seen running back to where the original incident took place and is seen grabbing something. He then runs back to Scott’s body and drops an object by Scott’s body–which people are now perceiving to be the supposedly stolen taser. At this point Slager is now being charged for murder, his lawyer has chosen to back away from the case and has recently been fired from his department.

Much like the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Scott was a black man who was killed by a white officer. This has the public once again enraged at the police for the constant instances of police brutality that have been shown in just the past year alone. No longer are these cases isolated instances but statistics that have been causing many to feel uneasy.

“When you’re wrong you’re wrong,” states Mayor Keith Summey of South Carolina. “And if you make a bad decision, don’t care if you’re behind the shield or just a citizen on the street, you have to live by that decision.” Public opinion seems to be less split than in previous incidents and people have taken to social media to voice their concern.

“The worst part of black history isn’t slavery, but now, when we thought the law protected us.” -@Independent

“It’s long past time to make changes” -@mcspocky

“Being anti-police brutality doesn’t make you anti-police” -@Bipartisanism

“TIME Magazine” has dedicated their most recent magazine cover to tribute Scott. The issue is titled “Black Lives Matter” with the subheading “This time the charge is murder.” Despite the verdict that will result at the end of this case or how the police department or government reacts to these multiple instances of police brutality one thing is certain: new technology and the increase of use of social media is shedding new light on issues that were once private- and our country will surely change because of it.


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