Metro adventures, episode 13: I’m out of food, someone help

by Jordan Alston

The Muffin Man

Do you all remember back in November when school was closed for three days straight because of all the snow? People were trapped in their houses, cars were sliding off the road, and it was basically hell, just surprisingly cold? Yes, I know you haven’t forgotten Snowmageddon 2014, because it was the best/worst three days of everyone’s life; pretty solid split down the middle. Not having school was exceptional, because screw school, but problematically I had no food. The snow kinda came out of nowhere, and I, like most people, was wholly unprepared to be trapped in my room for three days. How did I survive that trial, you ask? Did I have to eat one of my roommates to make it? Did I cut off my own leg and gnaw on it until help arrived? I did none of these things, darling reader, because I’m not some animal and human meat is probably gross. I did the only thing a person without a car can do: I hopped on the Metro and went to Aldi.

Now, I love Wegmans. I’m a Western New Yorker right to my marrow, so Wegmans is my heart and soul. I go there for no more reason then just wanting to be in the presence of greatness. I love their prices, their food, just their damn atmosphere. If you’re going to Wegmans and need a companion for the trip, hit me up, cause I am in. That said, I can’t always go to Wegmans. I, as I have said many a time, have no car. Sometimes my roommate will loan me hers and I’ll go to Wegmans for some serious grocery shopping, but that’s not something I can always do. On the off days when I can’t drive to Wegmans, like when the roads are covered in ice and driving is basically suicide (like back in November) I have to make do with what I have, and what I had was Aldi.

Aldi is the next best thing to Wegmans (I hate Tops).  It is cozily situated right outside the Lasalle Station, literally right outside the doors. They have exceptionally low prices and a pretty wide array of options, so shopping there is always a pleasant experience. Very few of their items are name brand, so if you’re looking for something in particular you won’t find it here, but you will find a pretty solid substitute if names don’t matter to you. If you’re in the market for a quick grocery trip or are just trying to save some cash, this is the place you should go.

A few other things are also available for perusing outside the LaSalle Station, such as a Broadway Joe’s (where I had not the worst date of my life), Famous Doughnuts (where I assume they have donuts but I’ve never been there), and Main Hair and Beauty, a hair supply store for (mostly) people of color. A stone’s throw away is Queen City Comics (never been but heard good things), Lake Effect Diner (has the best orange juice I have ever had, even though pulp is gross), and slightly further away, Amy’s Place (great pancakes and great hangover food in general). So, sweet, foolish reader, if you’re in need of groceries but have no time to run to Wegmans or no way to get there, just go to Aldi. Or, if you’re just in need of just about anything, go to Lasalle, which has a reasonable assortment of places for you to spend an afternoon.


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