How to deal with the stress of finals: Change your thinking

by Kaylee McCarty

Lifestyle Contributor

With finals just around the corner, students at Canisius are getting more stressed. Whether it’s a final project or a big essay that’s due at the end of the semester, we can all relate to the feeling of overwhelming stress as we think about all the tasks we must complete in these next three weeks.

Online you can find all these articles about how to deal with stress and how to manage time properly so you can avoid this horrible feeling, but they aren’t personal enough to actually work. Most of these ideas are cliché in that they state: get enough sleep, eat properly, learn to relax. Okay, that’s easier said than done.

I stumbled upon an article that stated, “Stress levels correlates to self-esteem.” In the story, it mentioned that the way you talk to yourself is an indicator to your stress level. If you positively self-talk you can reduce your stress level and increase your self-confidence. Replacing negative statements with positive ones will give you a better outlook on your future. Instead of  “I have way too much work to do, I’ll never get it all done,” say, “If I spilt up my assignments to three each day, I have a good chance of finishing all of them within one week.” If you think negatively about yourself, you limit what is possible.

Sometimes the best way to get rid of finals stress is just to take a step back, maybe for 20 minutes or maybe even an hour, and leave the stressful situation; whether it’s the environment or the workload. Just breathe. Think about what makes you happy, like your dog or friends. Think about what you have to look forward to, like summer vacation or fun weekend plans. Finally, rethink your plan of action for how you’re going to tackle everything on your to do list. Come up with a feasible plan and stick to it because everything is possible and you can do it!


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