Study Abroad in London Part 6: Seriously, how much does that cost?

by Robert Creenan

Assistant Lifestyle Editor

When you’re abroad in any part of the world, the main name of the game is to try and see as many places as you can get to. That’s why this week, I’ll be telling you about the many different ways to get around the island of Great Britain and mainland Europe as well.

I already mentioned a few weeks ago about my trip to Glasgow. I got there by way of Ryanair, the airline that likes to bill itself as “the low fares airline” (consider that a blog does exists dedicated to reporting Ryanair as the world’s worst airline). It does provide low base fares for flight tickets, but all the extra amenities that are included in a standard airline ticket come later, including buying the in-flight food. They also fly their passengers usually between secondary airports that are as far away from the city center as the Buffalo airport is from Buffalo. They still get you to cities like Barcelona, Rome, Ireland, everywhere in France except Paris, and Fez, Morocco as well. Just expect that your flight will be somewhat delayed taking off, the crew will go on like nothing’s wrong, and there’s a weird shade of yellow on the inside. Or you could just use Easyjet.

If you’re planning on doing travel just in your home country, the train is often your best bet. Not just the Underground ones, there are plenty of above ground lines that take commuters to the inner city to work. Or you take the line to places like Brighton, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff, or up to Scotland. You’ll get yourself some nice scenery of the British countryside.

In the coming weeks, I’ll actually be travelling across Europe as our spring break is coming up. It’s the two weeks surrounding Easter. This weekend, I’ll be in Ireland for the pre-St. Patrick’s day festivities. Later on, I’ll be in Switzerland visiting a friend from high school, and I’ll be spending my Easter on a tour of Paris. If I book more trips, I’ll let you know.


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