The Locker Room with Roxanne Hernandez — Post No. 1

Dear Diary,

Today, overall was a good day. I found out two of my three classes for Friday are going to be cancelled and we had a good day in the office as a team.

I am in a sign language course now which requires us to complete “lab hours.” Our hours consist of visiting St. Mary’s School for the Deaf and being able to interact with people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Today was a lab day so I was happy about that. Hands down is one of my favorite classes this semester—I’m having so much fun with it!

Back at the KAC, we had a two-net Tuesday (even though it’s a Wednesday) so we could work in our skills groups. Us middles started by working with [setter] Gracie [Streicher] (since Syd [Palka] was out preparing for her first med school interview…super exciting!*) We got a lot of good reps in with some overhand passing and hitting two different set plays which was what everyone needed to work on.

We then hopped over with the outsides on the other net to work on some serving. I am working hardest on my contact during serving drills so that I can contain the only closed skill there is out there for us VolleyGriffs. After a water break, we went ahead and started doing some six-on-six stuff and we had a few conditioning exercises to do towards the end…which I thought would never come! It was a long day in the gym. It feels so good to have had a successful day in the gym though. It’s my outlet. I know that when I get to step on that 30×30, it’s a chance for me to improve and I’m always happy to do that. Today, I did.

My knees are holding up pretty well considering I’m getting so old (21 feels like the new 80 right about now). Not to mention, my days are numbered! I can’t believe that each week that passes by and every weekend that is over is my last something. This upcoming weekend: my last time playing in Fairfield’s barn. Last week: my last time playing Ni-gag-ara at home (while the memory of beating them for the first time in my career makes for a sweet bonus). No one can tell you enough to take advantage of every opportunity because time FLIES. Shout out to all my fellow seniors who feel me right now!

Still have business to take care of. Nowhere near done. Looking to upset the Stags and take on our new opponents at Quinnipiac this weekend so we are putting in work this week.

*My peak and my pit*: Towards the end of the day, we like to share our highs and lows based on how our days went. So my peak was finishing off my good day with a fun night of ASL lab. Pit of my day had to be that there were no good ice cream flavors at dining hall. Hate that.

Until Next time!


*Editor’s note: Learn more about Sydney Palka’s medical school journey next week!


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