Patrick E. Richey, Vice President for Business and Finance, to leave Canisius

By Aidan Ryan

This past April, the Griffin reported in the Mud Issue that Patrick E. Richey, V.P. for Business and Finance, had snapped his fingers and disappeared, leaving behind only a pinstripe suit – and now, it seems, this is actually about to happen.

President John Hurley announced in an email Friday morning that Richey “will be leaving the college to pursue other opportunities,” though students can expect to see his trademark pinstripes for a little while longer: he will remain in his current position during the search for a replacement.  The email, ostensibly addressed to “The Canisius College Campus Community” but sent only to the faculty and staff, listed “highlights of Pat’s tenure,” which began in 2006.  These included residence hall renovations, the start of construction on Science Hall, and the installation of the Subway and Tim Horton’s franchises.

While students are grateful for the Tim Horton’s on campus – something for which Richey is not regularly credited – the most impressive revalation in the president’s email was the fact that the Canisius endowment has increased from $56 million in 2006 to $97 million today – a feat Richey oversaw, for the most part, during a recession.

President Hurley also announced that he will shortly appoint a search committee to work alongside a search firm overseeing the selection process, and promised future details on a reorganization of the college’s finance office.  The implementation of said reorganization will fall squarely on the shoulders of Richey’s successor – as will financial woes including what Buffalo News reporter Jay Rey called a “recurring budget deficit,” the still-fresh memory of various austerities in the 2012-2013 academic year, and dwindling enrollment.


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