By Jordan Alston

When my brother asked me what I thought of the movie “Oblivion”, I responded, “Could’ve used more Morgan Freeman.” He replied, “Couldn’t everything?” This is completely true. That’s not to say “Oblivion” was a bad movie; it was actually pretty fantastic. I’m just saying, there is no such thing as too much Morgan Freeman.

“Oblivion” is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) is one of the few remaining humans on the now uninhabitable Earth, working as a drone repairman with the help of his partner, Victoria (Andrea Riseborough). The rest of the survivors moved to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, and Jack and Victoria were promised that in two weeks time, they will finally get to leave as well. Victoria is more than happy to simply accept her job, but Jack shows a budding curiosity in the world, suffering from unsettlingly realistic flashbacks of a past life, before Earth was destroyed, that he never lived. What ensues next is a moderately fast-paced sci-fi flick that keeps the promises the trailers made.

Cruise gives his usual action star performance, although the amount of actual action sequences is a bit underwhelming. Don’t go into this expecting another “Mission: Impossible”, because this is surely not that. The character is somewhat different from his usual personalities, with less of the sheer badassness and more of the contemplative, endearing side. The rest of the cast supports Cruise in a modest manner, doing all they can in this adequate sci-fi film that tries exceedingly hard to be mysterious. It somewhat succeeds, posing interesting enough questions that are somewhat answered, only leaving a few plot holes, but none too glaring to offend the casual movie fan.

The dialogue drags, leaving some dull gaps in a really tedious manner. The scenery, however, is visually stunning and vivid, with CGI elements that really pick up the pace, keeping the audience’s attention while not overwhelming them with a completely demolished New York City. The plot as a whole is satisfying, giving the audience plenty of twists and surprises to keep them guessing until the very end. If you’re feeling wealthy, I would see this in IMAX; the landscapes and camera angles were simply breathtaking, and will be well worth the extra few dollars.

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