Bills pick yields positive reactions

By Nathan Barillari
Managing Editor


I want to start by saying that I am absolutely thrilled that the Bills traded further back in the first round. This strategy ended up working beautifully for them as there was a huge run on linemen on both sides of the ball – something that the Bills aren’t in as much of a position of need for as a lot of other key positions.

After that trade the Bills went from six to eight picks, including two in the second round so kudos to Buddy Nix for pulling that one off.

E.J. Manuel has been a player that has grown on me as the Draft came closer and I’m pretty satisfied with this pick. With veteran quarterbacks like Tarvaris Jackson and Kevin Kolb on the roster, it gives the Bills the flexibility to allow Manuel to sit for a year in order to develop into an NFL-ready quarterback – something that many Draft experts thought would be an ideal situation for him.

On top of the fact that he has been acknowledged as a leader and a winner, Manuel has the perfect size and athletic ability to be a quarterback in a new-look read offense that has started to take over the NFL with players like Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton.

When I heard Manuel’s interview on “The John Murphy Show” it made me want the Bills to select him even more, but as I learned over the years, with the Bills you never know so I didn’t get my hopes up; I didn’t even want to guess.

For the first time ever, I am completely satisfied with a Bills draft pick – the only player that I would have been EQUALLY happy with was Geno Smith, but because of the intrigue that comes with Manuel I have absolutely no problem with this selection. And the extra draft picks seal it for me: A+


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