CresenDONT’s don’t mess around

By Mike Keenan

The usual buzz of the library’s first floor died down as people started to notice a group of normal-looking students form a conspicuous huddle. Within a few seconds, library goers realized that the CrescenDON’Ts were there to ease their end-of-the-year stress with a soothing throwback, “In The Still of the Night.” At the end of the random, short performance, the audience clapped and cheered as the group announced their upcoming concert, this Sunday, April 27, in Montante Cultural Center.

Last week, this a cappella group–started two years ago by seniors James Millard, Danny Tortelli, Tim Bristol, and junior Jake Bonar–waited excitedly with other members of qualified clubs for the announcement of the 2013 Club of the Year winner. The “DON’Ts” were ecstatic when they learned that they were this year’s recipients.

For a school with such a large selection of clubs, it was quite the honor for the CrescenDON’Ts members.

“Clubs are so active. There are over 100 active clubs, so to be named Club of the Year was really meaningful,” Millard said.

In order to be named Club of the Year, the club had to submit an application for review by Campus Programming and Leadership Development workers and graduate students. The club needed to demonstrate that they had made a major impact on the campus. It was required that the club was extremely active, and that they were recognized by a diverse body of students.

When asked how he felt his club met these expectations, Millard answered, “We would rehearse multiple times a week, we performed at over 20 events on campus, and we worked to better ourselves and the college community as a whole.”

The 20 events included sports games, Relay for Life, Chorale concerts, the TriBeta Variety Show, the Arts Promotion Club Concert, and two club concerts. In addition, the club collects canned goods during their club concerts for the Food Bank of Western New York.

One student who has attended many of these concerts is Joe Modica, a senior involved in several clubs himself, including serving as President of Colleges Against Cancer and Griffins Giving Back.

“I’m very happy for them. I’ve been very impressed with their performances and how they are able to harmonize and everything very well and how they are able to perform songs with much variety and to make songs that are very engaging.”

Both Millard and other club members are very excited about receiving this honor.

“As a club we can’t even describe how thrilled we were to receive the honor. We’ve only been in existence for less than two years, so going from four guys wanting to sing a cappella to being Club of the Year was great,” Millard said.

“It means a lot to be a member of this club and it’s a great honor,” Juliann Koleszar, a senior club member said, expressing her excitement. “CrescenDON’Ts is a great outlet for all of us to perform and to create a musical atmosphere for a variety of people on campus.”

The CrescenDON’Ts plan to continue their presence on campus with their spring, “99 Problems but a Pitch Ain’t One,” which will take place this Sunday at 3 p.m. in Palisano Pavilion. Remember to bring a canned good for the Food Bank of Western New York.


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